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It already feels like summer and I am 100% here for it! It's also starting to feel like normalcy is slowly returning. I say slowly because that's how I'm approaching it even though the CDC is all "no more masks indoors if you're fully vaccinated!" I am not ready for that nor do I trust people to be honest about their vaccination status. For me, the biggest change now that I am fully vaccinated is I can go inside my dad's home and hang out with the rest of my small family pandemic pod unmasked. And honestly, that small change has meant the world to me. Being able to hug my dad without worry and hold my nephew (who finally can see my face) has been amazing. 

But aside from that, I've been hanging out with friends outdoors a bit more often which has been lovely and my job has decided that we're going back to the office. Even though it's sooner than I expected, I'm glad I have a couple months to get used to the idea since I'll be a part of the third phase in July. Plus I'll still be working from home at least 2x a week so this hybrid model is actually my ideal. I just feel like lots will be happening in the upcoming months! 

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