Meet Rachel

Born in Queens, New York but then mostly raised in New Jersey, where I still live, I do consider myself a New Yorker at heart (and Francophile in spirit). It was during my formative high school years that AOL, Geocities, and blogging became a thing and after I made my first, real website at 15-years-old (thanks Dawson's Creek for inspiring me!) and eventually my own blog, I fell in love with web design. Fast forward twenty-five years later and here I am currently working as a UX Designer.. and still blogging. 

I started Hello, Chelly on a whim in 2011 but of all the blogs I've had and closed* over the years, this is the one that's stuck with me in my adult years. Writing and designing has always been this creative and therapeutic outlet for me and showcases a more forthcoming side of my introverted self. 

My hobbies include: reading, travel, fashion, binge-watching TV shows, film photography, interior design, and exploring local spots for good food/coffee/ice cream. Expect all of the above to be featured on my blog 😊

*My OG blog was withoutwords.net and if you've stuck around with me since then -- thank you! 

Fast Facts

Favorite Foods
Ramen, pizza, ice cream,
seafood, french fries

Favorite Colors
Lavender, blush pink,
chocolate brown
Favorite Movies
Before Sunset, Willow,
Avengers: Endgame

Favorite Band/Singer
Incubus, Paramore, 
Yuna, Laufey, James Bay
Favorite Books
How to Love by Katie Cotugno,
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas,
(see full list)

#1 TV Shows (of all time)
Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, Orphan Black,
Crash Landing on You, Heartland

J.Crew, Celine, Aritzia, 
Everlane, Longchamp

Travel Wish List
Japan, Italy, South America,
Prague, Greece, Portugal
Fictional Boyfriends
Pacey Witter, Rowan Whitethorn, 
Daemon Black, Jace Herondale

Words to Live By
“I’m a work-to-live not a live-to-work type of person.”
Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Forever, Interrupted.

with love,