February 21, 2020

What I'm Listening To | February

My most listened to songs this month are: 

1. What A Man Gotta Do - Jonas Brothers 
This song is so freaking catchy. I've played it an embarrassing number of times (who I am kidding, #sorrynotsorry) and I genuinely love when the brothers include their wives in the music videos. 

2. Older - Shallou feat. Daya
This line gives me all the feelings: Maybe one day when I am older I might understand why love just doesn't happen to everyone who wants it

3. Creep - Yuna
I think Yuna should release covers of 90s R&B songs every single week. As soon as I heard the opening notes, I immediately freaked out because I recognized the song right away. I used to be obsessed with TLC and I loved Yuna's take on this. 

4. Blink - Meghan Trainor
Yet another catchy tune from Meghan Trainor. Even though her music is primarily pop, it always this bit of a throwback feel to me which I really enjoy. 

5. Me Gusta - Shakira
After seeing Shakira perform on Super Bowl, I immediately made a playlist of all my favorite songs (I've been a fan of hers since high school when I saw her perform "Ojos Asi" on ALMA Awards). Me Gusta is her latest single and unsurprisingly, hearing it makes me want to get up and dance. 

Listen here!

What are some of your favorite songs this month?

February 19, 2020

My Favorite Bags

It's no secret that I've always loved bags but my tastes and shopping habits have definitely changed over time. I've started investing more in luxury designer bags but typically go for what I'd consider "moderate designer" ones. That said, I still have those moments where I'll impulsively buy a purse if it's less than $100 and super cute. I thought it might be fun to share which of my collection are my favorites and a little details about where/when I bought them.

I've divided them up into three categories: luxury designer, moderately-priced and honorable mentions.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene | This was my very first luxury designer bag purchase and by far my best investment. I bought this in 2010 when it was about $630 (it's currently going for $1,390.00). It's still my go-to tote and I've gotten a ton of use out of it! It's only now starting to show a bit of wear on the straps but otherwise, still in amazing condition. 

Gucci Monogram Bree Shoulder Bag | I got this as a Christmas present to myself in 2013. It's since been discontinued but I still love this bag. The shape is unique and surprisingly fits my petite frame perfectly. I used it so much (would throw my laptop in here for all my work trips) that I actually broke the straps a few years ago. And Gucci replaced them for free! 

Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis | 2018 birthday present to myself! (You may start to notice a theme of when I buy designer bags haha.) This is an incredibly hard bag to find and the most I've ever spent on one. There was a year long waiting list at the mall near me but luckily, an old boss of mine, who has connections to LV, bumped someone woman in Canada (!) off the list to get me to the top. 

Chanel Quilted Medallion Tote | I wrote about this bag already. This was my Christmas present to myself just this past December. I bought it through Rebag, which sells used luxury designer goods, and it was the only place I could get this particular tote since it had been discontinued years ago. After wanting a Chanel bag (particularly this one) for forever, I'm glad I took the plunge and at a fairly reasonable price all things considered.

Gucci Ophidia GG Small Shoulder Bag | This is my most recent purchase which was somewhat impromptu? I got my bonus in January and knew that I wanted to use at least part of it on a new bag (I have a problem, I know). I had been eyeing this for maybe a week or two when I decided to buy it. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on and I'm already using it constantly. 

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote | I have this tote in both the small and large size and I think they're absolutely a staple. First I got the small version in black in 201l, then soon after the large size in bilberry. In the last year or so, I finally replaced those two because I had worn them out completely. My BFF gifted me the small in bilberry and then I bought the large black one during my last trip to Paris.

Madewell Abroad Shoulder bag | If you're looking for a basic, well-made black crossbody, I can't recommend this one enough. I got it last March and even I'm surprised by how often I reach for it. It's just really classic. 

Rebecca Minkoff Bree Medium Top Zip Satchel | This style isn't available anymore and I actually got it at a sample sale in NYC. It's a great size crossbody for when I don't need to carry a lot but my bag needs to be big enough for a book. Plus it's my one and only blue bag! 

Rebecca Minkoff Jody Expandable Leather Crossbody bag | Another discontinued style! I got it this past summer during Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. I had a bag nearly identical to this one from Kate Spade for years and when it broke, I was so happy to find one so similar to replace it with. 

Cuyana Small Structured Leather Tote | I've loved the totes at Cuyana for years but it's hard to find a style like this in a size that works on my frame. Cut to a couple months ago when they released a small version of their popular leather tote. I went to check it out in store and as soon as I put it over my shoulder, I knew I would buy it. Also, every bag collection needs a classic cognac tote. 

Cult Gaia Gaia’s Ark | I had been eyeing this bag for a while when my BFF gave this to me for my birthday (or maybe it was Christmas?). Either way, even though it's not a bag I necessarily wear often, I do consider it a statement piece. I typically wear it to summer parties or outings. It's just so cute and fun!

H&M black crossbody | This bag cost about $15 and I consider it my travel bag. I have this quirk where I don't like to wear expensive bags when I travel abroad because I worry something may happen to it (I'm weird). This surprisingly durable, roomy and lightweight crossbody has been with me to London and Paris and hopefully more trips in the future. 

Polene Numero Un | It was really hard to categorize this one! It's not luxury designer but it's definitely more than moderately-priced. It's a French brand and the bag is kind of a showstopper in my opinion. I admittedly don't wear it all the time but I always gets compliments when I do. It's beautifully structured and super well-made. 

Which bag is your favorite?

February 17, 2020

Galentine's Day + P.S. I Still Love You Viewing Party

Alexa, Kristin and I have a tradition (granted, this would be year two) of celebrating Galentine's Day together. And it just so happened that P.S. I Still Love You, the highly anticipated sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before dropped on February 11. So we combined our Galentine's date with a viewing party of the movie! 

Our first stop of the day was brunch at While We Were Young. We had tried to get reservations here once or twice before but it was always booked. They let you make a reservation 8 days in advance so Alexa and I had alarms set for 8-9am to check. Don't ask me why but I decided to look at 6am instead, while I was brushing my teeth of all things, and there were only a few spots left! Luckily I snagged one for us right as the restaurant opened and I'm so glad I did. It was such a cute place. The ambiance was cozy, beautifully decorated and friendly service. But most importantly of all, the food and cocktails were delicious! I got french toast with the "I'm a Bird, You're A Bird" cocktail, Alexa got the eggs benedict with house cocktail, and Kristin got the omelette with the "One Night Stand" cocktail. Plus we got truffle fries to share. I highly recommended.

After that, we went to the flagship Milkbar store on Broadway and 29th. I didn't even know that was one of their locations! But now that I do, I will probably be going there a lot. It's a huge space with different stations, a little store and an area to sit. We decided to build our own cake for our viewing party. We told them exactly what we wanted (strawberry, vanilla and funfetti everything basically) and picked up some stuff for ourselves while we waited (I couldn't resist cookies or their cereal milk latte). Then it was on to the movie!

Last photo in the collage: We all put on our Jordanene "Read Romance, Fight Patriarchy" t-shirts and held up our favorite romances!

Kristin was kind enough to host our To All the Boys viewing party again this year! And once again, she totally outdid herself decorating. Her living room looked so adorable and the cake we bought fit right in. We took a bunch of photos immediately (of course!). Kristin made cherry pop tarts and baked them while we settled in to watch the movie. I had already watched it but I was more than happy to watch again because I loved it! I personally hated book 2 (sorry friends) but the changes the movie made basically fixed all my original complaints. I was still #TeamPeter by the end, even though Jordan Fisher as John Ambrose certainly gave him a run for his money. He was unbelievably charming. But the part that resonated with me the most was Lara Jean's reaction to after the happily ever after, which is rarely seen and rarely depicted as earnestly as LJ feels it. Like her feelings on how to be a girlfriend, comparing herself to past relationships, and figuring out her wants and boundaries. Lara Jeans grows up a lot in each movie and I really appreciate that. I still think the original is my favorite though (I need to rewatch) but I have a feeling the final movie is going to be amazing. Fingers crossed that it comes out later this year!

Did you have any Galentine's Day plans?
And if you've watched P.S. I Still Love You, did you love it as much as we did? 

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