2023 No Buy List

2022 was a big shopping year for me and while I have no regrets (because I think saving money and rewarding yourself for hard work are both important), I do want to lay down some ground rules for 2023 by having a No Buy List (inspired by Alyssa Lenore). 

What does that mean exactly? It means that I've come up with a list of 10 items that I will not buy this year. At least, that is the goal. And here they are!

1. Fashion jewelry
| After investing in some quality gold jewelry pieces in the last few years, I find myself reaching for my fashion jewelry less and less or putting them in the donate/sell pile, especially as they start to tarnish and leave black residue on my skin. It only took me ~40 years, but I now understand why my mom always used to ask if my jewelry was real gold and laughed when I would say no. 

2. Graphic tees | Goodness, I love a good graphic tee. I have so many that span my different interests -- books, music, anime, horses, travel -- but it has got to stop! I really only wear these t-shirts at home or to the gym and I need to cut back. 

3. Lounge / sleep wear | Again, I just have too much. I love loungewear (especially a matching set) and nightgowns but as someone who does their laundry fairly often and tends repeat wear their favorite pieces, I really don't need more. 

4. Plants | I am such a sucker for buying plants from Trader Joe's plus I discovered this beautiful little shop in Montclair so my plant collection basically tripled. Some are thriving and two are definitely dying (I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can turn it around) but overall, I think I may have bit off more than I can chew. I want to focus on my current plants and not add anymore. 

5. Hair accessories | I have so many headbands, clips, and barrettes and do you want to know how I usually wear my hair? DOWN. Just all down. Then every once in a while, I'll wear accessories so I shouldn't buy any more. Instead, I'm going to make an effort to use what I already own more often. 

6. Small pouches / leather goods | I'm really happy with the wallets and cardholders I currently have plus I have a wide variety of pouches for organizing items in my bags. There's really no need for more but it's one of those things I'm always tempted to buy. 

7. Multiple copies of books (unless it’s Anne of Green Gables) | I'm out of shelf space and trying to come up with creative ways of stacking my books to make them all fit which means I need to cut back on the multiple copies (unless it's Anne). This is tough because there are new editions I'm eyeing (I'm looking at you TOG paperbacks) but I'm going to resist.  

8. Mugs | Mugs are so fun and cute, which is why I own far too many. I even did a huge cull a few years ago (and regretted one or two I threw out) but I literally have no space in my kitchen or dining area for more. 

9. Cloth / canvas tote bags | Another fun and cute item that I love to buy but I rarely use. I regularly cull my tote bags but I've reached a point where I'm very happy with my current collection and don't want to add more. 

10. Ellie Nap Dresses | This is a tough one that I just added to my list a few days ago. Ellie Nap Dresses are my go-to dress for the summer but I already own 7 and I truly don't need anymore (although, if they bring back the Bridgerton collection from a couple years ago, I will make an exception). Instead, if anything, I'd love to give the other Hill House styles a try. 

Have you ever created a no buy list for yourself? 
What are some things you're trying to cut back on buying?

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  1. I love this idea!! I've kind of mentally made the same type of list but it feels like it would be helpful to have it written down to reference back to throughout the year! I also told myself that I'm not allowed to buy any new pajamas or mugs this year! I stopped buying graphic tees last year (I only bought one that I really wanted throughout the whole year, so proud of myself!). I think I may have to copy you and make a list!


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