Life Lately | NYC + Nephew's Dedication

Monthly hangout with Alexa & Kristin
This past Saturday was my monthly hangout with Alexa & Kristin! We kicked things off with breakfast at Angelina Paris. Because it was raining and on the cooler side, we ate indoors which I agreed to despite my discomfort because of the weather and since there was hardly anyone dining. But then more and more people started showing up (too many IMHO) so like a crazy person, I literally only took off my mask to put food in my mouth and quickly covered my face again to chew. That was my first time eating indoors since the pandemic started and it's going to be the last for a very, very long time. It gave me so much anxiety and I couldn't really enjoy the experience. That said, the food was good (I love their french toast!) and the service was great. I just wish they offered outdoor dining because that's all I'm willing to do right now even though I'm fully vaccinated. 

From there we walked around Bryant Park to check out the beautiful floral arrangements and all the little stores. We thought the shops were only there during the holiday season but apparently not! I ended up buying a headband and a cute ring from Mulberry & Grand. And of course, our main destination was Kinokuniya Books across the street. We explored the top floor with all the manga and then the main floor with all the books and definitely walked out with a little bit of each! 

Then we walked further uptown but at that point Kristin needed to head home but Alexa and I went to Dior (so I could order my birthday present a month early!) and Milkbar for cookies (because, we always want cookies). 

In spite of the weather, it was such a lovely Saturday to spend with these two! I'm already thinking about next month's hangout. 

Mother's Day + Ian's Dedication
As you can imagine, Mother's Day is a bittersweet holiday for me. I'm happy to celebrate my aunts, friends, and cousins who are Moms but of course, I just really miss my Mom too. So it was kind of perfect that Ian's dedication ceremony ended up being this past Sunday as well. We started off by going to church for the ceremony itself. Only my cousin, his wife, and Ian went up for the blessing but his younger brother and myself are the godparents! It's such an honor but also, crazy? These two cousins are like my little brothers and much younger than me, and now I'm the godmother to his kid, who turned one years old yesterday. Time truly flies! 

After church, we went to Sear House Grill for outdoor dining and it was perfect! When my cousin's wife made the reservation, she told the restaurant she wanted to be outdoors but not near people (this girl speaks my language, lol). So we actually did have a table outside that was completely separate from the outdoor tent area. Between that and everyone in our party being fully vaccinated, it just felt so nice to be mask-free together and relaxed. I even felt like Ian was engaging with me much more because he could see my face for change! And on top of that, the food and the service was excellent. I'd love to come back here again, especially when it's warmer. 

What have you been up to lately?


with love,