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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / As a Filipino-American, I've been struggling with the news regarding all the hate crimes against Asians. I've been sharing stories on my Instagram but I haven't said anything directly because there are no words to express exactly how I feel. But I'm angry, sad, and scared. I did want to share some links here though like to Stop AAPI Hate and this comprehensive list of where to make donations

2 / But aside from staying informed and making donations, there are other ways to show support. Here are links to Asian-owned businesses from Good Housekeeping, Asian beauty brands on Shape, and Asian skincare on Allure. From these lists, I personally just bought facial spray, cream blush, and lip gloss from Tower28 and I'm a huge fan! 

3 / The New York Times shared 7 steps for better sleep and I don't know about you but I definitely need the advice. I've tried some of these already and they totally work. 

4 / The Everygirl posted "12 Parts of Your Home You Need to Spring Clean ASAP" and yeah, I totally need to clean some of these spots. But I did deep clean my kitchen this past weekend so I made progress. 

5 / I think a lot of people will relate when I say I gained weight during quarantine. A writer on Cupcakes & Cashmere talked about how she came to terms with this and discovered a healthier relationship with herself

6 / As I was going through who I follow on Instagram to clean out that list, I realized one of my favorite fashion bloggers (Steffy's Style) was missing. So I went to her blog and saw that she had written a post about deactivating her Instagram account and why. I really think it's worth reading. I very much respect her online presence and it's sad that people often forget there's a real human being with feelings on the other side of the computer. 

7 / Why aren't more people talking about The Nevers? The trailer popped up on my Twitter feed and I'm obsessed! I never heard of it before but it looks amazing! And the actress who played Demelza on Poldark (aka the best part of that show!) is in it. 


1 /
After eyeing this dual sanitizer box and phone charger for over a month, I finally caved and bought it. And 100% no regrets. 

2 / This is the facial spray from Tower 28 that I mentioned earlier. I swear I see a difference when I use it! 

3 / I bought this pen stand from Yamazaki Home somewhat on a whim. But I just loved the look of it and when it arrived, it did not disappoint. It's perfect for my desk and let me consolidate the multiple holders I had for pens, markers, lotions and more. 


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. It really makes me angry that there is such hate and discrimination against people that AREN'T white. I'm so sorry this is a thing.
    I might have to borrow my friend's HBO password to watch The Nevers. I'd never heard of it until now! Also I kind want one of those sanitizer/charger boxes..... 😏


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