Bi-monthly Recap | Feb-Mar

Life lately
When the pandemic first started, I felt like I suddenly had all this extra time on my hands. It's funny how life just adjusts and I find myself wishing again for more hours in the day. I evaluated where my time was going to see what I could cut out (unfortunately skipping work was not an option) but I realized I could start blogging twice a week instead of posting three times. I started doing that this past month and it was totally the change I needed. Granted I still wish I had more free time but at least I'm on my computer less during the weekend now. 

Other than that, I'm feeling happier with the longer and warmer days, seeing more of my family members get vaccinated (and I will be soon too!), and planning outdoor hangs with my cousins and friends. Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I have a good feeling about the upcoming months. 

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