Life Lately | Monthly Bestie Date at South Street Seaport

Have I mentioned how much I love these monthly bestie dates? Aside from the obvious joy I get from hanging out with Alexa, it's also just really nice to venture outside my town and see NYC. It's so strange to go from being in the city every single day to just once a month. But I'll take what I can get! 

For this month's adventure, we went to South Street Seaport! I always forget what a nice area it is but I'm quickly reminded of it every time I visit. It wasn't crowded at all and the sun was out all day. We picked up coffee and cheese bread from Cafe Patoro (highly recommend - we liked it so much that we went back for another cup of coffee before parting ways!) and sat on the benches near Pier 17 to snack and chat until our lunch reservation. We must've sat there for an hour, which wasn't the plan, but it was just so peaceful and as usual, we lost track of time talking. 

With only two minutes to spare, we quickly walked over to Industry Kitchen for lunch. Their outdoor dining situation is adorable! I loved our little hut, which kept us surprisingly warm even with the door wide open. We felt very safe and cozy. Even pre-COVID, it's strongly suggested to make a reservation there and I'd say even more so now. We picked 12PM (right when they opened) and not only was the service efficient but they didn't rush us at all. Their food is so good! Although, we were both sad that their dessert pizzas were no longer on the menu. 

From there, we walked around to see the different outdoor installations. We checked out Peace, Love and Happiness, Electric Dandelions (these were all over and admittedly probably better seen at night), and Ziggy (not pictured because we were very underwhelmed). And of course, no outing of ours would be complete without a bookstore. We went to McNally Jackson and this location really is one of my favorite indie bookstores in the the city. We walked up and down almost all the aisles but somehow only walked out with one book each! We were both trying to be good 😂

We've already picked our next date and I can't wait!

What have you been up to lately?

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