Review: Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 stars | First things first - thank you Forever (and Estelle!) for sending me a book that ended up being exactly what I needed at the time. And what did I need? Something heartwarming and fun with lovable characters and a delightful romance, all of which Accidentally Engaged provided in spades. It also made me realize I need to learn how to bake bread but more on that later. 

Accidentally Engaged
 focuses on Reena Manji who is struggling with a job she hates, being single, and a big family who can't help interfering with her life. The one thing that truly brings her joy is cooking and baking, especially baking bread (cue me googling sourdough bread starters as soon as Reena mentions it). When she meets Nadim, who's just moved into the apartment across from hers, the attraction between them is instant. Except minutes later she finds out he works for her dad and her parents are hoping they'll get engaged. This is a huge no for her but there's no denying their chemistry and connection so when Reena is laid off from her job, Nadim agrees to be her fake fiance so they can enter a couples video cooking contest. The winner will win the artisan bread course of her dreams and bring about countless opportunities.   

I'm personally a huge fan of the whole fake romance trope and as I said earlier, this was just delightful. Reena and Nadim were so sweet together! I enjoyed seeing them get to know one another and cooking in each other homes (how come I don't have a hot guy with a British accent in my apartment building?). But the videos they did for the contest were some of my favorite moments. It was so easy to picture them and the details surrounding the food often make me hungry afterwards! Plus I liked that the videos weren't just about them. Their friends got involved and played a huge role in supporting Reena, which is always nice to see. And of course, family and their culture is super important and influential to the story as well. 

Do I recommend?
If you want a heartwarming book that has romance, family, friendship, and good food in it -- this would be perfect to pick up! 

pub 3/2/21 by Forever
Adult - Contemporary Romance
Received finished copy from pub for review


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