Life Lately | Happy Easter!

I pretty much love celebrating any holiday with my family but I have to say, with my baby nephew around, these special occasions are even sweeter. 

For Easter, my dad and I went to church in the morning and I was ridiculously excited to put on a dress. I can't remember the last time I got even semi-dolled up for anything. Then afterwards, we headed home to have lunch (I'm officially obsessed with Bonchon now) and shower baby Ian with attention. He woke up from his nap to find all of us with Easter baskets for him to open and while he may not remember it, we certainly will. It was just really fun to put together these little gifts, although I definitely bought candy for us grownups, and take a bunch of pictures outside since it was so nice out. 

And I know I probably sound like a broken record when I talk about any family gathering from the past year but I'm genuinely grateful that we formed our little pandemic pod in order to spend time together safely. Plus as of this week, more than half of us will be fully vaccinated while the rest (including me!) have the first shot already. By Ian's first birthday next month, we'll be at 100% and I seriously cannot wait. It feels like a small light at the end of a very dark tunnel but I'll take it! 

Hope you all had a nice weekend and a good start to your week!


with love,