Recent Purchases I'm Obsessed With

Loft Eyelet Puffed Sleeve Tee | I'm so ready to pack away the sweaters but there are still cooler days, which is why this 3/4th sleeve tee is perfect for the transitional weather. I love the color and the puffed sleeve isn't overwhelming at all on my frame. 

Italic Phoebe Bucket Bag (in midnight blue) | A few months ago, I signed up for Italic and I'll eventually do a review on the membership but my first order alone made it worth it. This bag was one of my purchases and it reminds me of the Celine Sangle bucket bag. The shape and look of it is so chic but the price is super affordable. My one teeny-tiny complaint is that the light gold almost looks silver and I wish it were a richer yellow gold. But otherwise, I love it! 

Abercrombie Short-Sleeve Ruffle Tee |
 Floral print, neutral color, and a hint of a ruffle sleeve? It's basically everything I'm a sucker for in a top. It's great for spring and summer and I've already worn it out a few times. 

ferm LIVING Ripple Carafe Set |
I've been eyeing this carafe set for months but purposely waited for it to be in stock through Verishop (I forget why now) but as soon as it was available, I ordered and have basically used it every day since. I carry it with me from room to room and I'm drinking a lot more water as a result. 

NuFace mini Facial Toning Device |
A lot of influencers talk about this device but I was skeptical. I was originally looking into cheaper alternatives but when I went to Nordstrom, the mini version was on sale (it's 15% off now but I think mine was 20% off when I got it). Plus their return policy is great so I figured it was worth a shot. I've been using it for 4 weeks now and call me crazy, but I swear my skin really does look smoother. It actually seems to be working! 

Target Elbow Sleeve Eyelet Dress - A New Day™ |
 As soon as I saw this dress at Target, I knew I was going to buy it. Even though I never buy white dresses, it was just too pretty to resist! Luckily, it ended up fitting really well although the puffs on the sleeve felt a bit big at first for me. But once I rolled the sleeves a little, it looked a lot better and I just fell in love with it. I can't wait to wear it out! 

Adornmonde Met pearl necklace in gold  | If you love pearls and dainty jewelry, I can't recommend this necklace enough. It's just so beautiful and has this simple elegance about it. But I also feel like I can pair with anything, from a white tee to a more dressy top. 

Madewell Frances Skimmer |
Black loafers are a staple in my shoe closet so when I recently had to throw out an old Steve Madden pair I owned, I bought these while they were 30% off. The leather is a bit tough at first but that makes me think these are sturdy and will last me a while. With every use, I feel them softening and molding to my feet better so do keep that in mind. But far, I'm very happy with the purchase!


Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with?


with love,