Review: Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 stars | It is not an exaggeration when I say that I've been looking for a ballet book like Kisses and Croissants for a very long time. One of my pet peeves is that most of the ballet books I come across mention being influenced by Black Swan, which I hate. Last time I checked, you can be a ballerina without some sort of murder/suspense/mystery involved. Which is where Kisses and Croissants comes in! It actually reminded me of the last ballet book I loved, Bunheads by Sophie Flack, which I read back in 2012 (see, it's been forever!). 

In Kisses, Mia, a seventeen-year-old American girl, is about to embark on the opportunity of a lifetime. She's headed to Paris for an elite summer ballet program and if all goes according to plan, she'll snag an audition with one of the world's best ballet companies. But of course, being in Paris opens her eyes not only to the competitive ballet world but also travel, friendship, and love (in the form of a charming French boy named Louis who certainly had me swooning). 

What I loved about this book was how at its core it focused Mia's love for dance. She knows it's her calling and we watch her fight every step of the way to prove herself at this competitive level. I immediately rooted for her and thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of her classes. But I think there was a really great balance and exploration of her as a young woman traveling for the first time without her family. She explores the beautiful city of Paris, which made me so nostalgic. We get to see her open up and let loose a bit as she befriends the other ballerinas, juggling her dedication with fun. There's also an interesting aspect with her family and how much they did (or did not) understand how strongly she felt about ballet. And lastly, there's the romance which I absolutely adored. Seriously, how come I never meet cute boys on my travels? 

Do I recommend? 100% yes! I think if you're a YA contemporary fan in general, this a very enjoyable read but if you happen to love ballet too, you're really going to like book! 

pub 4/6/21 by Delacorte Press 
Young Adult - Contemporary
Received e-ARC from pub for review


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