Adventures in Anime #7: Magic Knight Rayearth

Adventures in Anime is a collaborative feature I have with Alexa Loves Books! The idea is simple – we watch anime together and then we answer 6 questions about what we enjoyed most. We'll do our best to keep it spoiler-free but we will be mentioning our favorites so keep that in mind!


In case you hadn't noticed yet, Alexa and I have been alternating between watching new-to-us anime and re-watching old favorites to see how they hold up. We were due for a rewatch and we chose Magic Knight Rayearth! I loved this show during high school but it wasn't until recently that I realized I never actually finished season 1 or watched season 2. Which made this experience very interesting! 

The show is about three eighth-grade girlsHikaru, Umi, and Fuuwho are on a field trip with their respective schools when they are suddenly transported to a magical world called Cephiro to save the princess who summoned them. Unbeknownst to them, they're knights with elemental-based magic who must awaken the rune gods in order to save the princess and Cephiro. While they struggle with this new reality at first, they band together and go on this incredible journey. 

Before I dive into our questions, here are my thoughts. I would say I still loved the concept of the show and the first season mostly held up for me until I got to the last episode. I was thrown for a loop when the big twist was revealed and I was really unhappy with it to be honest. I didn't like the message at all and I felt it negated a lot of the positive themes of the show overall. In fact, it changed my whole view on the series completely. Likewise, it affected my feelings on season 2, which I ended up not enjoying. I mostly watched just to finish it but it was very disappointing. The only part of the show that remained strong was the friendship between the three girls. That and how they embraced their powers and the responsibility given to them was the only constant highlight. 

For each of these posts, we will answer these questions!

Favorite character(s)

Fuu is my favorite! I love her quiet strength and calm disposition. 

Favorite episode
Season 1, Episode 15: "The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies". I love all the episodes when there they awaken their rune-gods but I have soft spot for this one because of Fuu and Ferio. 

Favorite scene 
It's a cross between anytime Ferio makes Fuu blush OR whenever the girls' armors get upgraded. 

Favorite quote
Fuu on her friendships with Hikaru and Umi: "Time is of little consequence to the heart. Even if our time together has been brief and even if I know only a little bit about them, it only means I have more to look forward to in our friendship. My heart knows this—I want to fight with them." I love their friendship! 

Favorite setting
Cephiro over present-day Tokyo, since that's where all the adventure happens.  

Bonus! Favorite kiss
It pains me to say this but no answer for this one. 

So fellow anime fans, have you watched Magic Knight Rayearth?
And if so, what did you think?


with love,