Life Lately | Another trip to South Street Seaport

I can't say it enough - it felt so good to be together in person after a year of only FaceTime chats! Even though Alexa and I have been regularly meeting up since June, Kristin joined us this past Saturday making this our first post-pandemic hangout. And it was so, so nice. 

We met at South Street Seaport and basically did almost exact same thing as last month. But hey, we know what we like. And what we like is brunch, books, and lots of talking as we walk around or sit by the water. We got coffee and pastries from Cafe Patoro, lunch at Industry Kitchen, book-shopped at McNally Jackson (never again will I take for granted the simple of joy of being in a bookstore with friends), and walked along the pier. But the weather was actually nice enough for ice cream! It's so funny, when we were standing in line for Big Gay Ice Cream, I couldn't help turning to them both and saying: "OMG we're getting ice cream together!" It's such a small thing but the whole day felt shockingly normal (except with masks and lots of hand sanitizer). 

It's really these tiny moments with loved ones that provide some much needed light to all the craziness happening in the world right now. At least that's how I feel! 

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  1. I'm so glad we were able to get together this month and I cannot wait for May<3 It really was so special to be able to go into a bookstore and get ice cream with you both!


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