October Recap + Flights of Fantasy Update

Life lately
As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, my personal life has finally calmed down but my work life? Not so much. If I could sum up this last month in one word, it would be exhausting. It's made me do a lot of thinking about how I spend my time so I can do all the things I normally do without feeling like a crazy person. (But I'm also desperately hoping that work will get it together and calm down too.)

So my top priorities are me time plus family and friends time. It goes without saying that reading is a part of me time but I can't tell you how many days I've recently felt too tired to even read. It's the saddest thing. But on the plus side, it's made me more ruthless about DNF'ing books. I don't have time to read things that are meh!

And lastly, there's blogging. I truly love my blog and I've let it grow with me as my life has changed. This is another one of those times where it's got to adapt to my situation. I had already cut down to posting 4 times a week but I've realized even that's too much for me to handle. From now on, I'll mainly post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays aside from when I do my collaboration posts with Alexa, which will remain on Thursdays. I'll be doing a lot more mini-reviews, try to get a bit more personal and keep my favorite features for Fridays. I hope you all will like the change! (And if you don't notice, even better - hah!)

This month's favorites

"Where do I go what do I need?
Is it ecstasy or is it fear?
Am I on my own am I even close?
'Cause I'm craving, still craving something I can feel"

On the blog
Book Reviews

I read three fantasy books last month, which include: Heartless by Marissa Meyer, Unquiet Land by Sharon Shinn and The Queen of Blood by Sara Beth Durst. I must say, I'm really itching for more fantasy! I'm in the mood to be swept away by an epic adventure and romance so I expect to dive into more next month. 

How are you all doing on your challenge?

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  1. James Bay foreverrrrrr <3 No, seriously, I love him so much. And I totally feel you on the blog thing! It's why I've had to keep cutting down my own blog posting schedule (though I do still have YouTube happening as well). Here's to hoping life calms down a bit for us both!


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