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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / My two favorite quotes from the "25 Famous Women on Being Alone" list were said by Susan Caine and Audrey Hepburn.

2 / Since I love flowers, I was very curious about Apartment Therapy's post on "What Your Favorite Flower Says About You". I thought their descriptions for roses and peonies was pretty on point.

3 / Bungalow 5 describes what he considers a perfect day in Paris.

4 / "7 Assumptions We Need to Stop Making about Asian Americans" from Matador Network. Even though I think these are all pretty obvious, it's still worth sharing because #truth.

5 / Darling Magazine's breakdown of friendship break-ups is something I relate to. I've been in all the situations described.

6 / I don't deny that I love filters but I genuinely just enjoy enhancing my photos (without going overboard!). Career Girl Daily's "7 VSCO Cam Filters Settings For Better Instagram Photos" had me playing around with other settings more and I love how my IG photos have looked lately.


1 / I bought this mug months ago and barely used it. But then I used it a couple Saturdays ago and OMG it's amazing. It actually kept my coffee hot the entire day and when I knocked it over, nothing spilled.

2 / I was wary of all the hype around the beauty blender but I decided to give it a try and now I can't recommend it enough. I use it for foundation, concealer and blush.

3 / Knowing that fall was just around the corner, I started stocking up on booties and this is my first purchase. I've worn them so many times already. (Next up: need to find ones in black.)


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. Rachel, these boots are adorable! I definitely think they suit your style, and that color is A+. I'm also intrigued by that mug you've listed because a) I'd like to carry my own coffee from home when I go to work and b) I always am wary of buying new travel mugs because I'm afraid they'll spill. Glad to hear this one works!


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