BookBags (42): Pique Week

Monthly feature where I pair books with bags or share what's in a bag (mine or otherwise!) est. 4/2013.

I'm participating in Pique Week! Abrams Books recently launched a new YA website called Pique Beyond. They're going to highlight exclusive excerpts and quotes from new and upcoming books plus show us readers cool behind-the-scenes stuff. This week, they're highlighting all of their newest titles, and I'm excited to help by featuring three books I'm particularly excited for.  

Iron Cast by Destiny Soria + Mini Mansfield Bucket 
RoseBlood by A.G. Howard + Mini M.A.C. Crossbody 

These are three books I'm personally looking forward to reading. Iron Cast is a mix of historical fiction (Boston Prohibition) and fantasy, which is a combo I really enjoy. The Romantics is about romance (obvs!) and heartbreak and is narrated by the personification of Love. And finally Roseblood (which I'm super excited to have an e-ARC of) is a retelling of Phantom of the Opera. 

See why I can't wait to read these books?

 And in case you were wondering, all the bags feature are from one of my favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff. Make sure to add all these books to your TBR and maybe do a little shopping too!


Which bag + book pairing is your favorite?
And have you read any of these books?

Visit the site today at or follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @piquebeyond!

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  1. It's not surprising at all to me that we would choose to feature two of the same books in our Pique Week posts ;) But seriously, loving these bag choices, as always. (And I really enjoyed Iron Cast a whole lot, and thought The Romantics was adorable.)


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