Bi-Monthly Recap: Aug-Sep

Life lately
These last two months have been complete opposites. August was mainly low key! I had some plans but I felt like I spent a lot of weekends being a homebody (except on Sundays when I would see my fam for lunch). Then September was just go go go. I had plans almost every weekend, work kicked it up a notch (or 20), and it was the third anniversary of my mom’s passing (which hit me hard but I ended up having a beautiful day with my family). So I was grateful to spend this past Saturday nesting and finding more ways to spruce up my apartment (I truly cannot help myself!).

Also, it’s really feeling like fall now! It still gets a bit warmer later in the day (thank goodness) but it’s definitely chilly in the mornings. And I’m slowly but surely making the switch myself, from summer to fall mode. I put away my fans, covered my A/C, and put the sandals back in my closet. I’ve brought out the booties and started wearing blazers again. The last thing left to do is swap out summer clothes for sweaters but I’m not quite ready to do that yet (soon!).  

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