What I'm Listening To | Horse Girl Energy

I've made no secret of how much I love horses but in the last few years, I've really embraced my inner horse girl as I've watched more shows, read a ton of books, and followed Instagram accounts that focus on the topic. (See: my horse fiction recommendations, my review of Heartland, and check out Milton Menasco and Calling All Horsegirls on IG.) It's honestly been really fun to rediscover this love of mine that I've had as a child and get enjoy to it as an adult. The next step would be horseback riding but we'll see if I get there ☺ In the meantime, I'm happy to keep doing what I'm doing and take joy in the fact that #horsegirlenergy is an actual thing that's being recognized now. So it only seemed fitting (and quite frankly inevitable) that I'd create a playlist on said theme. Hope you enjoy this collection of 10 songs I've put together! 

Are you a horse girl too? Let me know in the comments!

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