What I've Watched: Lovecraft Country, Lost City, Uncharted

Lovecraft Country
Available on HBO Max

I've been wanting to watch Lovecraft Country ever since it came out in 2020 and I totally understand the hype, although it wasn't what I expected at all! I vaguely knew there was a fantasy aspect, but I was completely unaware that the main genre was actually horror. And wow, did it deliver on the scariness! There were some episodes that genuinely made me think I'd have nightmares. The show takes place in the 1950s and follows Atticus, who returns home to search for his missing father but at the same time is dealing with PTSD, facing segregation at every turn, and.. discovers magic is real. The plots are wild and twisty but I do think my feelings on Attius affected how I felt about the show. It was good but I alternated between outright disliking him or feeling indifferent. In my (humble) opinion, the true MVPs of the series were Leti, Hippolyta, Ruby, and Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung was incredible!). I'm surprised it didn't get renewed for a second season but I felt like the finale really closed the chapter on the show too. 

The Lost City
Available on Prime Video, Paramount+; can rent on AppleTV

When I found out that Sandra Bullock would be playing a famous romance author (as Loretta), whose book cover model happens to be Channing Tatum (as Alan/Dash), and the villain would be Daniel Radcliffe as an evil treasure hunter who kidnaps her, forcing Tatum to rescue her? It sounded like comic gold and it was! The movie was just so much fun. I thought Bullock and Tatum had great chemistry together, plus I tend to enjoy treasure hunting movies in general (as you can probably tell from the two movies in today's post plus I love National Treasure). And I can't not mention how much of a delight  Brad Pitt and Da'Vine Joy Randolph were in their supporting roles. If you were at all curious about this movie, I highly recommend watching it. 

Available on Netflix; can rent on AppleTV or Prime Video

I've only seen Tom Holland as Spider-man so I was excited to see him in a different role. I know nothing about the Uncharted video game (according to my younger cousin, most people who play the game didn't like the movie) so I went into it completely unbiased. And I really, really liked it! Again, it was just fun going along for the ride with Holland's character, Nate Drake, who is recruited by Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), a man with connections to Nate's estranged brother, to find the fabled treasure of the Magellan expedition. As I mentioned, I'm a fan of these types of movies so this absolutely worked for me. Holland and Wahlberg really played well off of each other and their banter cracked me up. Also, I think I might officially have a bit of a crush on Holland after watching this! 

Honorable mentions
  • Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl (Netflix) •  I watched this documentary on a whim because I was huge fan of Shania during her Come On Over era but I didn't know too much about why she disappeared from music and I only had a vague idea about what happened with her ex-husband. The documentary sheds light on these things but didn't focus on being salacious. It was mostly about Shania's rags-to-riches story and how she fought hard for herself as a singer, musician, and artist. I thought it was quite inspiring!

  • Virgin River (S4, Netflix) • I get more sucked into this show, the characters, and their little town with every season. This latest one did not disappoint and as always, it ended on a note that leaves you wanting more. (PS. I want to be best friends with Mel!)

  • Stranger Things (S4, Netflix) • If you haven't been keeping up with Stranger Things, you are missing out! Wow, season 4 really hit it out of the park. I was so impressed and currently my favorite characters are: Dustin (who I think is the true heart of the gang), Will, Max, Steve, and Joyce. Robin and Nancy are pretty great too.  

  • Umbrella Academy (S3, Netflix) • Another show whose latest season was excellent! I think I watched the Footloose dance scene every day for over a week. The show just does a great job of balancing humor with the heavy stuff and moving the plot forward, while managing to surprise the audience. 

  • Ms. Marvel (Disney+) • I had my doubts after the first few episodes but it really found its stride after that and continuously got better. Similarly to Spider-man: Homecoming (although, not quite on that level of awesome), I thought Ms. Marvel did an excellent job of showing a real teenager stumbling into a superhero role. There was just something so wholesome and earnest about Kamala's entire journey. Plus.. I loved seeing the representation and Jersey City! 

What have you been watching lately?


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