Summer Bucket List Check-in

It's September 22nd, which means it's the first day of Fall and Summer is now truly and officially over. Back in June, I created a summer bucket list and now it's time to see how I did!

 Go to a Broadway show • My coworker and I saw Company! While I adored the clever set design, I have to admit overall the show wasn't for me. 

 Go to a concert • My cousins and I went to see the The Black Keys at PNC Bank Arts Center. I was so happy to finally be able to cross this band off my concert bucket list. 

 Continue my DVD rewatch by watching 5 “old” movies • I rewatched Spirited Away, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Begin Again, Almost Famous,  and The Nanny Diaries. The only one that 100% held up for me was Begin Again.  

 Develop at least 1 roll of film • I developed 2 rolls of film and my third one is currently en route to The Dark Room. Using film has been a lot of trial and error but I'm enjoying the process so much. Every roll has had a few gems I'm proud of and I'm excited to take more photos. 

 Take a day trip somewhere • Alexa and I went to Pleasant Valley Lavender Farm, which was a little over an hour away from me. We got a chance to explore the town a bit, starting off with breakfast and followed with picking flowers. 

 Learn 2 new recipes • I learned how to make Japanese beef curry and corn tomato avocado salad.

Try 3 new-to-me restaurants in NYC • I tried Le Prive (incredible French restaurant!), Cafe Un Deux Trois, and Daily Provisions (new lunch spot!). 

 Try 1 new ice cream spot • Alexa and I tried Bear Donut which is basically mochidonuts and soft swerve put together. We enjoyed it a lot! 

 Summer cleaning day/weekend • I spent a weekend in July cleaning, decluttering, and going through every closet and drawer I had to get rid of stuff. It was exhausting but so satisfying to do! 

✗ Get a facial • I made an appointment but unfortunately I had to cancel because of last minute plans with the fam. 

✓ Have a solo NYC day • I didn't think this would happen since I didn't have a staycation or many random days off planned during the summer but I got my solo day! I ended going to the Ube Festival in NYC on my own. 

✓ Go horseback riding • If you read my last post, you know I went horseback riding this past weekend with Alexa. 

✓ Work on a new apartment project • I originally planned to do a big project like redoing my bedroom but I realized that wouldn't make sense since I'm hoping to buy a townhouse or condo next year. Instead I worked on a bunch of small apartment projects to spruce up the place, such as building an entry way shoe rack, reorganizing all my closets and drawers with new baskets and dividers, creating a plant corner in my living room--which is continuing to grow (pun intended), and more.


I completed 12 out of 13 items on my list so I would call this a success! I'm really glad I brought this little tradition of mine back. There's something about envisioning what you want your summer to be like and then making it happen that feels just wonderful.

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