10 Years of Throne of Glass

I can't believe it's been 10 years since Throne of Glass debuted! This series is so special for me for a variety of reasons. I still vividly remember picking up the ARC at my very first BookExpo America and reading it almost immediately. Even just looking back on that first review, I quickly realized how special the book was and it became a favorite. Soon after I met Alexa, who in the early days of our friendship became someone I could gush about the book with, but as the series progressed (and we got closer), we started the Maas Thirteen and started running book tours on our blogs and social media with every new release. We formed a great relationship with Sarah J. Maas and found our names appearing in the acknowledgements of her books. But more than anything, this series is my all-time favorite. And I mean, all-time favorite series, fantasy or other-wise, that I have ever read. 

This reread with Alexa and Kristin is actually my third time reading the series and it held up just as much as it did the first time around, maybe even better. I still laughed, cried, and swooned at all the same moments and I am still in awe of what Sarah J. Maas has created. We read a book per month starting in January and it's been a lot of fun to revisit these books. We wanted to commemorate the reread by coming up with a list of questions to answer so make sure to check out all our blogs to see what we had to say. (Note: Spoilers ahead!)

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Favorite female character

Aelin • Aelin is still my favorite female fantasy heroine ever. I love her for her flaws, her strength, her swagger, her willingness to make the hard choices or to be the bad guy if the situation calls for it, her secrets, her steadfast loyalty, her vulnerability, and her mistakes. Personally, I was 100% on her side on every single decision she made in the Throne of Glass series and thought she always made the best call. Everything she ever did was for Terrasen. They couldn't have asked for a better Queen or her court, a better friend. 

Favorite male character

Rowan • When I first read Throne of Glass, I was actually into the Dorian/Celaena pairing but was open to Chaol if it went into that direction (although on re-reads, I like Chaol less and less). Then as soon as Rowan appeared in Heir of Fire, I definitely sat up and was like, who is this?! Even then, I wasn't sure if Sarah J. Maas was going to go there. But there's this moment when Rowan sees Aelin's scarred back for the first time and his reaction, his instinct to take care of her -- that was when I really fell in love with him and prayed they would be endgame. 

Favorite book in series

Kingdom of Ash • This was a really tough choice! Queens of Shadows has consistently remained my favorite book for years but after this latest reread, the honor now goes to Kingdom of Ash. This was my second time reading it and I still cried in all the same scenes I did the first time around, possibly even more so. It was just so emotional and moving. It was the perfect culmination of everything Aelin and her friends have fought for since Throne of Glass -- a better world. 

Favorite place

Terrasen • I mean, how could I possibly choose anywhere else? If I were going to be a part of any court, it would be Aelin's in Terrasen. 

Favorite animal

Abraxos • As adorable as Fleetfoot is and as much as I love horses, the obvious answer is Abraxos. I love the idea of this fierce wyvern having the heart of a teddy bear. 

Favorite member of the Cadre

Fenrys • I didn't realize I had a favorite Cadre member until this latest reread and it was clear to me the answer was Fenrys. He always saw through Maeve, never wanted the blood oath, and stood by Aelin when he could. But the last book and his friendship with Aelin really solidified his place as my favorite Cadre member. Also, I love that his last name is Moonbeam! 

Favorite member of the Thirteen

Asterin • From the moment Asterin appeared, she became one of the most memorable secondary characters in the series to me. Her back story never fails to break my heart each time she tells it and I just love her wild, beautiful spirit.  

Favorite villain

Maeve • The words "favorite" and "villain" probably don't sound like they should go together but of the villains, she was the most compelling and the reveal of her true nature still shocks me every time. 

Favorite assassin

Sam • Sam is such an important part of Aelin's origin story and throughout the series, he still continues to play a role even without physically being there. I have such a soft spot for him! (And kudos to SJM for being able to integrate him into the story in such a heartfelt way.)

Favorite quote

"I spent centuries wandering the world, from empires to kingdoms to wastelands, never settling, never stopping—not for one moment. I was always looking toward the horizon, always wondering what waited across the next ocean, over the next mountain. But I think … I think that whole time, all those centuries, I was just looking for you." Rowan to Aelin, Queens of Shadows

Favorite fight scene

Aelin and Manon in Queen of Shadows • Obviously I love when these two are on the same side, but there's also no denying the epic nature of these two queens battling it out when they meet for the first time.  

Most memorable romance

Aelin & Rowan • They are one of my ultimate OTPs! I love how their bond is deeply rooted in friendship and helping each other out of their respective darkness. That they both fell in love almost without realizing it and just the level of devotion to one another. I could go on and on. 

Most memorable friendship

The Thirteen • I love seeing female friendships portrayed in books and the bond between The Thirteen is such an example of that. I truly believe that Manon was more than just their Wing Leader or their Queen, but their friend and that's why they stood behind her until the end. 

Scene that still makes you cry

In Kingdom of Ash, when Fenrys takes the blood oath to Aelin I cry every, single time. I even reread the scene again right before writing this post just to confirm and yup, still made me cry. 

Scene that still makes you laugh

In Empire of Storms, when "Celaena" shows up unexpectedly in Rolfe’s office and she hits on Rowan while talking about how wonderful and beautiful his partner must be, I go from smiling to outright cackling. And I love how Dorian, Gavriel, and Fenrys can do nothing but gape and occasionally cough at her outrageousness. 

Scene that still makes you swoon

In Queen of Shadows, after an intense close encounter with Lorcan, Rowan finally admits to Aelin just how much he missed her and the lengths he’d go to be with her. Then she shows him how much trust she has in him and he kisses her neck. Swoons!

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