Life Lately | Montclair, Books & Ice Cream

It was time for our monthly hangout and Alexa came to NJ again! Our original plans fell through and we both overslept (oops!) but as per usual, we just went with the flow and we still had a wonderful, relaxing day. 

We got brunch at Raymond's, which is my favorite breakfast spot so I was excited to share it with Alexa. They have the best pancakes and French toast! Since it's located in Montclair, we ended up walking going to some of my favoes plus some new-to-me stores. We shopped at Noellery, Montclair Book Center, Create a Great Story, Giftbar, DollyMoo, and more. 

Then it was time for dessert! We drove to Francy's Artisanal Ice Cream, which I hadn't tried before either, because we were intrigued by the flavors at this Filipino-owned local business. I got "halo-halo" while Alexa got "Ube cheese & craquantes" and we both loved it! I fully expect us to come back again. 

And finally, we ended the day with Barnes & Noble, shopping for books and manga! As much as love hanging out in the city together, it's also really nice to spend time in NJ where we can just drive around and take a break from the fast-paced and crowdedness of NYC. 


with love,