Bi-monthly recap | Aug-Sep

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These last two months have been a whirlwind! The highlights were: every time I hung out with friends or family, took myself out on solo dates, my blog turning 10 years old (!), listening to more audiobooks, and trying to have a more active lifestyle (aka working out at home or going on walks). And on the sadder side of the spectrum: I've been dealing with a ton of anxiety (thank goodness for incredible BFFs and cousins offering support), and it was recently the two-year anniversary of my mom's passing. So it's been a lot of ups and downs and I'm letting myself feel whatever I feel but you know me, I try and focus on the positive. And even though I'm a summer girl, I'm looking forward to fall! I think it's because I already have some fun plans for the next couple of months so I can't helping feeling excited (and tempted to shop!). 

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