Life Lately | Bestie Day in NYC

Alexa and I took last Friday off to spend a day in the city celebrating her birthday! It was a much-needed break for us both and a ton of fun, as always. 

We kicked things off with breakfast at Sunday to Sunday. We both got their Sunday morning dish (buttermilk biscuits, their special sauce, fried egg, and cheese) and shared a carrot cake cream cheese muffin. All of it was delicious! It was a very cute spot that I'd definitely go to again. 

From there we made our way to the Seaglass Carousel at Battery Park. This has been on my list for years and I'm happy we finally checked it out! It's so pretty and unexpectedly soothing. It had to do with the pastel colors of the fish, the lights and music, and just the way the carousel moved. We loved it! 

After that, we walked to McNally Jackson (of course) and Lazy Sundaes for a dessert break. Their shaved ice and bubble tea drinks were super refreshing, especially since it was pretty warm by that point. And it was located in a building that reminded me a lot of Chelsea Market. If we had time, we definitely would've stayed longer to explore but we had to quickly make our way to Paintbox for a manicure before ending our day with Kinokuniya for more book shopping.  

I think taking a day off to spend together during each of our birthday weeks should totally be a new tradition of ours! 

What have you been up to lately?


with love,