Life Lately | Nap Dress Summer Day

I had the loveliest day in the city on Saturday with Alexa and Kristin! We decided to make it a nap dress day, which was so fun to do. We saw three other women wearing nap dresses and we got compliments on ours in almost every store we went into. It truly is the IT dress this summer! Anyway, we kicked off our outing with brunch at While We Were Young. It was our second time there and I can't say enough good things about it. Great good, friendly and efficient service, plus delicious cocktails (and I rarely get drinks at brunch but I did both times we were here!). Reservations are required though but totally worth it. 

Our next stop was supposed to be Rothy's (we got there eventually) but we didn't realize how many cute stores were located in West Village. We ended up just walking around visiting at a bunch of places. The first store that caught our eye was Stoney Clover. I've ordered from their website twice but this was my first time going to the actual store and it is the cutest! We loved the whole aesthetic and took a ton of pictures. Not to mention added a few things to our shopping wishlists. 

From there, we went to Rothy's (Kristin and I walked out with new shoes!), Margaux, and The Daily Edited. And since it was nearby, we even went to see Carrie's apartment from Sex & the City! I didn't know it was a tourist spot. On the corner of that street, we bumped into a local artist named Kazuya Morimoto. We loved his work and ended up buying a couple pieces (I got one of Montmarte, Paris!). Then we went to The Strand and all bought romances since it was Bookstore Romance Day before ending the outing with ice cream & bubble tea from Surreal Creamery

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Our August Nap dress outing has been one of my favorites of the year so far!!


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