What I'm Listening To | Sweater Weather 2021

It's hard to believe we're one week away from the official start of fall! But it's already starting to feel cooler in the mornings and I'm surprisingly not that mad about the fact that I need a cardigan sometimes. So in honor of the new season, I've put together a playlist that makes me of think of the changing leaves and slightly chillier weather. And apparently, mellow songs are my Fall vibe. 

"Stormy Weather" - Kings of Leon
I've been listening to this song since their album came out and the title alone made me think it needed to be on this playlist.

"Brooklyn" - Patrick Droney
I highly recommend listening to his 2021 album but Brooklyn was my introduction to his music and it's still my #1.

"Street by Street" - Laufey
There is something so soothing about her voice. 

"Your Sunday (Sunday Morning)" - Sunny Shin, Ampoff
Sunday Morning is one of my favorite songs and her cover is just excellent. It really makes me conjure up mornings spend underneath a warm blanket and wanting 5 more minutes in bed.  

"Let It Go" - James Bay
It's no secret I love James Bay and while I continue to love all his albums, this is the song I came back to over and over again.

"willow" - Taylor Swift
I surprised myself by having a Taylor Swift song on here but I gave evermore and folklore a chance at the start of the year and while I still don't love her music, I really like da handful of songs and this was one of them. It definitely feels like an autumn song to me! 

"Celadon & Gold" - Maggie Rogers
For some people, red and burgundy are probably the colors most associated with fall. For me? It's warm yellows (aka the gold in the song title) and forest green. 

"Steady" - Emily Wolfe
This song has so much love and warmth and just feels solid, if that makes sense. 

"Meet Me in the Woods" - Lord Huron
The title and lyrics had that fall feelings. 

"Sweater Weather" - The Neighbourhood
I don't think any fall playlist is complete without this as one of the tracks. 

Hope you enjoyed my playlist!
What are some of your favorite fall songs?

If you need more fall songs, here's the fall playlist I made last year


with love,