Bon Voyage | London Calling with Etta and Nicholas

Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and I are back already with another week-long celebration for a book we adore: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken!

As Etta and Nicholas travel through time, they're forced to blend into each new era they find themselves in. And at each location, Alexandra Bracken describes their new outfits in detail. Alexa and I picked one of those time periods (and outfits) and are recreating them with a modern twist.

My choice was London, 1940. Etta is described as wearing a "cornflower-blue dress and smart matching jacket" and that the dress was "v-neck, modest length, short-sleeves" and had lace detailing plus lace up leather boots. Then Nicholas "changed into a crisp button-down shirt and trousers and traded his shoes for oxfords." Here's how I interpreted their style!

[dress; blazer; booties; button down; dress pants; oxfords]
With Etta, I went with a darker blue (because cornflower blue was difficult!) but I was happy to find a dress that matched the description! I would totally wear that dress myself and I love how feminine but comfortable the blazer looks. Then I traded the lace up boots for something a bit dressier but casual enough that if Etta needed to make a run for it, she'd still be able to. (She is in danger afterall!) 

With Nicholas, it was pretty straightforward. Guys have it so easy! So I kept things basic and classic because I couldn't picture him going for anything remotely flashy. Fitted black trousers, light grey button down and black oxfords. 


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  1. I would happily wear the outfit you picked out for Etta! It looks so adorable, and I'm honestly drawn to anything blue :) And Nicholas' outfit looks so smart :D

  2. Etta's outfit is GORGEOUS! I'd wear it in a heartbeat! Nicholas's outfit also looks AMAZING and really classy!
    Great choices!
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books


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