Bon Voyage | St. Petersburg, 1905

Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and I are back already with another week-long celebration for a book we adore: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken!

Given that the characters in this book are constantly traveling to different time periods, it seemed only fitting that we each choose a place and time we'd want to travel to ourselves. I hope you'll enjoy what we have to say!


I wasn't sure what my answer would be when I sat down to write this. I assumed I'd say something Paris-related or maybe even choose the Tudor or Elizabethan era (I used to read so many historical fictional novels on that time period!). Then suddenly I had the answer: St. Petersburg, 1905. But not to explore the culture there or anything like that (although I wouldn't be opposed!). No, I'm picking this because I want to witness a specific moment.

Now to explain. 

I've loved ballet ever since I was a little girl and would sometimes fantasize about becoming a famous ballerina. But even though I was clearly interested in dance, my parents never signed me up for lessons (they were all about the piano!). I eventually took matters into my own hands and enrolled myself in a nearby dance school when I was in 6th or 7th grade. Luckily, my parents didn't mind. Around the same time I was just starting my new classes (and falling even more in love with ballet), I was also assigned my very first research paper and unsurprisingly, I decided to pick a ballerina – Anna Pavlova. She was a famous Russian ballerina from the late 19th and early 20th century and I became kind of obsessed with her (I read five biographies for fun!). 

Credit | I actually have a postcard of this print!
She was a renowned prima ballerina whose style was based on her dainty, ethereal look and she quickly gained many, many fans. But what she's most famous for is The Dying Swan, a role she created and danced for the first time in St. Petersburg in 1905. In every biography I read, they would always talk about how she danced that particular solo and would include picture after picture of her in costume. 

I would love to travel back in time to see Anna Pavlova's first performance of The Dying Swan. And given my reinvigorated interest in ballet (watching, not dancing; I'll leave that to the professionals!), I'm not too surprised that this ended up being my answer! 


What moment or time period in the past would you
want to travel to?

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  1. This is a beautiful reason to want to visit St. Petersburg in 1905! I think it would be wonderful to see this ballerina in her prime, and I love that you chose a specific moment ;)

  2. If you're interested in picture books at all, you should check out Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova - I picked it to read for a class and was definitely glad I did. It helped me learn about the amazing Anna, but it also has GORGEOUS illustrations!


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