Bon Voyage | Time Travel Movie Recommendations

Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and I are back already with another week-long celebration for a book we adore: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken!

I love time travel, whether it's in books or in movies! But I hadn't realized just how many I'd seen. Some of them were bad (The Time Traveler's Wife - oh how I loved the book though!), worse (Butterfly Effect) or just funny remnants from my childhood (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, anyone?). But then there are those select few that I think are awesome and in my humble opinion, here they are!

The Classic | Back to the Future Trilogy
You can't talk about time travel movies and not mention Marty McFly and Doc Brown. I've seen the trilogy countless times but the first remains my favorite. If you've never seen these movies, you must!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Looper
Even though JGL has done so many movies and a variety of roles, it's hard for me to not picture him as the guy who gets his heart broken in (500) Days of Summer or who covers songs like "Natural Woman". But seeing him in Looper? Wow, so different. It's action packed, gripping and such an interesting take on time travel.

Foreign Film | Il Mare
Do not watch The Lake House. I repeat, do not watch The Lake House. That movie is actually an English-adaptation of Il Mare, a Korean film. During my senior year of college, I got really into Korean movies and this is one of the first ones I saw. It's been a while since I've watched it but I enjoyed it enough it to buy the DVD.

Feel good movie | About Time
This one surprised me. It's about a guy who suddenly discovers that time-traveling runs in his family and while the premise sounds hokey, the execution is not. It's absolutely heartwarming! I loved that it didn't dwell on the mechanics of it all but rather the human side of it. Like how the choices you make set you on a path and maybe everything really does happen for a reason.

Action-packed | X-Men: Days of Future Past
How I love the newer X-Men movies with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender! I really enjoyed how this movie brought together the original and newer casts and made it work. If you're a fan of these movies and haven't seen this recent one, you won't be disappointed. (I can't wait for the next one!)


What are some of your favorite time travel movies?

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  1. I loved Looper! It's such an interesting film!

  2. I really liked Looper! I wasn't sure I would initially, but I did end up enjoying it. And of course, Back to the Future is a classic! I definitely liked About Time (and totally cried watching it), Days of Future Past (which is probably my favorite of that franchise). I still need to watch Il Mare; you know I love a good Korean film or drama ;)

  3. AHAHA YESSS Back to The Future is the one movie I always think of when I think of time travel!! I love X Men, but I still need to catch up on Days of Future Past and other recent movies... xD About Time looks like a really cute movie!! I LOVE your list! Thanks for sharing :)
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

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