Nightcap with the Huntress | Series Review + Favorites

It's become tradition for Alexa and I to read a paranormal series together almost every year. In 2013, Alexa, Kelly and I binge-read The Black Dagger Brotherhood series together and hosted a BDB Party on our blogs. In 2014, Alexa and I wanted to continue reading vampire books around Halloween/Fall and picked Vampire Academy. We then took an extended break (for reasons I can't remember!) and started this fun activity up again by reading Fallen Angels and Guild Hunters in the last two years. 

And this year, we chose the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. It was our first time reading anything from this author and she did not disappoint! While I wouldn't say this is necessarily a new favorite (that title still belongs to Guild Hunters!), I enjoyed reading it so much and looked forward to finding what the next round of shenanigans were in store for the two main characters, Cat and Bones. 

Today, Alexa and I are going to share our thoughts on the series overall plus our favorites, while keeping it spoiler-free so that way if you like what we have to say, you'll hopefully check it out too! 


My thoughts on the series
Credit // Note: We didn't read the outtakes anthology!
Catherine Crawfield, better known as Cat, is a half-vampire who has spent more of her teenage and adult life killing vampires. It's a matter of vengeance for her since her father, a vampire, ruined her mother's life, and one day she hopes to cross paths with him (and not for some father-daughter bonding if you catch my drift). But during one of her stakeouts, she's captured by a vampire bounty hunter named Bones and they find themselves teaming up. He'll help her find her father and in exchange, she'll help him with his bounties but first he needs to train her so that her fighting skills are as good as his. And as you can imagine, their antagonism is underlined by some serious tension and chemistry. He has her questioning her black and white views on vampires and wondering if maybe there are more good ones out there, like him. That internal struggle is put to the test time and time again, but particularly in this book when they're suddenly pursued by a group of killers and Cat has to figure out whose side she's on. (It's not a spoiler to say she chooses Bones.)

Having read many paranormal series, it's pretty customary at this point to maybe have a handful of books follow the main couple while the rest start to expand on the secondary characters' lives. But in Night Huntress, every book is told from Cat's point of view and follows her ever-evolving relationship with Bones.  And you won't hear a single complaint from me about that! I actually thought it was super impressive how the author kept our interest in this main couple for the entire seven books. It had everything to do with how much I enjoyed Cat and Bones as individuals, as well as a couple. Their banter, chemistry, and epic love kept me smiling, sometimes laughing out loud, and definitely swooning. Plus the author did expand their circle to include friends, family, and people from Bones' past who all played large roles in the obstacles they faced. The twists and turns kept coming and I was constantly surprised by where the author took their story. She really kept it interesting but at the same time, I appreciated that she knew when it was time to end the series as well. It ended on a solid note and I'm very glad we decided to read this! 

Favorite book • Halfway to the Grave. The first book tends to be my favorite and in this case, I still vividly remember how surprised I was by this book and in a good way!

Favorite quote • "She's my kitten, and no one else's." from One Foot in the Grave. To be fair, there aren't any profound quotes in this series but I chose this one because I'm a sucker for the kitten pet name (I blame it on Daemon and the Lux series!).

Favorite heroine • Cat, without question. 

Favorite hero • Bones, another no-brainer here. 

Favorite secondary character • I don't say the name because of spoilers but let's just say a legend shows up. 

Favorite couple • Clearly the only answer here is Cat and Bones! 

Have you read this series? If you have, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments and if you haven't, I hope I convinced you to check it out!

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