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As I mentioned yesterday, Alexa and I are celebrating our love of the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh by host this little event on both our blogs. Today's post we're going to talk about favorites! But don't worry, even though we're naming names, we'll keep it as spoiler-free as possible!


Favorite book
I have to go with the first book, Angels' Blood. It really did set the tone for the rest of the series and from page one I was hooked. 

Favorite quote
“I don’t want to lose my memories. Don’t make me forget. I would rather die as Elena, than live as a shadow.” It's a little bit morbid and to be honest, I really struggled to find a favorite quote. But I chose this one because I think it's such an important theme for Elena throughout the series. She's always exactly herself and I love that.

Favorite heroine

Elena, obviously! My favorite books in the series, with the except of one, are always the ones told from her perspective. 

Favorite hero

I'm so predictable but mine is Raphael. I love that as readers we get to see him through Elena's eyes and hear his inner monologues on the deep love he feels for her and the sense of responsibility he feels to the Seven and his people. Even though many "mortals" in the book may find him intimidating, I adored him. 

Favorite Seven member

Naasir! I can't say much without spoiling but he's one of those characters who intrigued me when he was introduced and as his role grew, so did my love for him. And then when I read his book? That just sealed the deal for me. 

Favorite Guild member

This is tough but I'm going to go with Ransom. He didn't play a huge role but he was a joy every time he showed up.

Favorite secondary character

Ilium! Truth be told, my answer for favorite Seven member and this one could've easily been swapped. I just knew that these two needed to be on my list. I love Ilium's different relationships with everyone and  what his personality brings to the Seven and the series overall. 

Favorite couple

Elena and Raphael, always. 

Favorite bromance

Ilium and Aodhan. They're both in the Seven and their bond literally spans centuries. 

Favorite besties

Elena and Sarah. In a book where the never-acting action and the different romances play such a huge role, it would be easy to let the female friendships fall the wayside. But not with Guild Hunters! I really appreciated that which is why I had to choose these two. No matter where the stories took their characters, they always had each other's back.  

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  1. I'm unsurprised that Raphael is your favorite hero! But it makes me happy to see Naasir, Ilium and Aodhan mentioned on this list too.


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