Guild Hunters Ball | My "Seven" + Playlist

Here we are on the final day of Guild Hunters Ball and to end the event, Alexa and I thought it would be fun to share who we'd pick to be in our Seven and two special playlists we curated together. 


My Seven
In the Guild Hunter series, the Seven consist of the seven warriors who make up Raphael's personal guard and most trusted men. We gave ourselves the task of coming up with our own Seven and it could be characters across any book series or TV show. So here's mine!

I take no credit for the art (official or fan-made) used in this collage.

  1. Shirayuki, Snow White with the Red Hair - She's kind, hardworking, and incredibly resourceful in any given situation. She's definitely someone I want on my team. 
  2. Aelin, Throne of Glass - Aelin is the brains of any operation! She's always 10 steps ahead and an incredible fighter.
  3. Rowan, Throne of Glass - I mean, Aelin and Rowan just go together. They're both strong leaders but can work on a team. 
  4. Mac, Fever series - I adore Mac! She's a good friend, girly girl, and someone who won't go down without a fight. Her evolution throughout Fever is just extraordinary. I would've put both her and Barrons on here together but Barrons doesn't really play well with others.
  5. Illium, Guild Hunters - This was tough! Again, I was torn between him and Naasir but Illium felt like the best fit. Having an angel on your team is a huge plus. 
  6. Mal, The Grisha Trilogy - I know I'm in the minority here but I have nothing but love for Mal (don't @ me). He's loyal and an expert tracker. 
  7. Jace Herondale, The Mortal Instruments - He is one of the most celebrated Shadowhunters and someone I'd want guarding me. Plus his snark and banter would be much appreciated. 

Playlist for Elena and Raphael
It's funny, we thought coming up with playlists would be so hard but once we started looking up songs, we had two whole playlists in no time! Here's what we came up with Elena and Raphael!

1. Wild Love by James 
2. Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine
3. Love You for a Long Time by Maggie Rogers
4. Salvation by Gabrielle Alpin
5. Heroes by Vera Blue
6. Wings by Birdy
7. Take Me To Church by Hozier
8. Superposition by Young the Giant
9. Supercollide by BANNERS
10. Everlasting Light by The Black Keys

Our other playlist is dedicated to The Seven, which is over on Alexa's blog!

And that's a wrap for Guild Hunters Ball!
I hope you enjoyed these posts! 

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  1. I'm still so in love with both of the playlists we came up with for our event! And it was really fun picking out our Seven as well -- you have some great characters in yours ;)


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