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Harry Potter New York Store
I had been wanting to check out the Harry Potter Store in New York and I finally got to visit two weekends ago with Carina. We got there by 8:30AM, scanned the QR code to enter the virtual line, quickly grabbed some pastries and coffee, came back to wait in the actual line, and basically got to enter right when it opened at 9AM. I definitely recommend going early! 

This store is every HP fan's dream! The way they structured it is beautiful and as always, the attention to detail is incredible (ie. the elevator looks like the Floo Network!). Also, if you love buying all the paraphernalia, then this place is for you. I personally was mostly going for the experience and the butterbeer (which didn't disappoint!). I figured I would buy one thing, but I shopped way more than I expected to. I got the Hogwarts Castle Wand, a bottle of butterbeer, a Hedwig magnet, and a Vera Bradley x HP travel mug. My only regret is that we didn't try one of the virtual reality activities they had -- but there's always next time!

Cold Spring, NY

When DJ asked me if I wanted to go to Cold Spring, NY this past Saturday, I immediately said yes! It had been forever since we last hung out and you all know how much I love a good day trip. We met at Grand Central and took the Metro North up. The ride flew by as we caught up and before we knew it, we had arrived. 

To be honest, we didn't really plan ahead. We knew we wanted to shop books, get ice cream, explore.. and that's about it. And it was fun to wing it! From the train station, we walked to Main Street and put our name down for lunch at Hudson Hil's Cafe, where the wait was about over an hour, but everyone seemed to want to go there so we figured we'd try it out. While we waited, we shopped at Split Rock Books, Pink Olive (cutest store ever!), and Archipelago at Home. Then we started taking pictures of interesting storefronts and then finally it was time to eat. We both got Hudson Hil's Fig Grilled Cheese and french fries and it was honestly worth the wait!

After lunch and after some kind old man saw us struggling with our map print out (neither of us could get signal), he told us that if walked through the underpass and closer to the river, we'd find ice cream. We found the underpass and when we emerged on the other side, we realized there was a whole other side to the town. We got ice cream at Moo Moo's Creamery and sat outside near the river. There were breathtaking views, a park with benches, and gazebos. It was just so beautiful and quaint. DJ said he was getting Stars Hollow vibes the entire time we were there and I totally agree. 

I'm so glad we decided to do this! I had never even heard of this town until DJ mentioned it. But if you ever want a quick getaway for the day, this was the perfect short escape. I would definitely visit again! 

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