Mabuhay! Filipino Brands to Keep on your Radar

Tomorrow is the Philippines' Independence Day and if you're a long time follower of my blog, then you know that Alexa and I have celebrated almost every year since 2014 with a feature called Mabuhay, as a way to not only celebrate Filipinos in literature but to share a little bit of ourselves too. 

We kicked things off yesterday by reviewing Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala and included a mini Q&A with the author too. And today, I'll be sharing some Filipino brands that you need to keep on your radar (and hopefully shop from!) while Alexa will talk about some must-see Filipino artists. 

First, I want to tell you about Filipino brands I've already ordered from and loved!

[top-bottom; left-right]
Loida Creolla Earrings by Amami | Their jewelry is beautiful and feels very traditional with their use of the gold filigree. Their brand is certainly a nod to our heritage! These earrings make a statement but are still casual enough for everyday wear. 

Lakwatsera tote by Pinay Collection | There are so many things I want from their website but I started off with this tote! For my non-Filipinos, lakwatsera means enjoying going out or being on the move. It's something my mom used to say to me whenever I'd go out with my friends. In general, I love how their collection takes Tagalog words (both good but also ones that commonly had a more negative connotation) and makes them positive. It's all about ownership over who you are and I love that. 

Filipiana Print by Acaballz | I discovered this artist last year (I forget exactly how) and I've been a huge fan ever since. Her work is just incredible! I ordered this print through her Society6 shop (she has her own too but it's currently closed) and it's proudly sitting on one of my bookshelves. 

The Wilma Hoop by Milk and Honey | I only heard about this brand a couple months ago through my cousin's wife and I immediately ordered two pairs (Wilma is my fave!). The style is fun and unique but still appealing to someone like me who prefers jewelry on the daintier/neutral side. I've already convinced other friends to order from this shop so I hope you do too! Plus 20% of their profit is donated to anti-human trafficking non-profit organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Shower Melt by Magpie Alchemy | Shower melts are great for my sinuses/allergies but I personally haven't found many to try. So when I stumbled upon this shop, I ordered three of these at once! I haven't had a chance to try one yet but I have a feeling I won't be disappointed. 

And lastly, here are the Filipino brands I have on my wishlist (and will probably order from soon!) 

[top-bottom; left-right]
Carmela by 676 Candles Co | You know how much I love a good candle! And I'm a sucker for jasmine scents so I expect this to find its way to my home quite soon. 

Raine Fan Clutch by Island Girl | I grew up with having handheld fans that look just like this in my home. I never would've guessed that modeling a clutch after it would look this cute! It's just so unique and again, I love the subtle nod to our culture. 

Cruz Wood Tote by Maari | I couldn't resist having two bags on my wishlist! Maari offers a wide range of products that include bags, jewelry, and home goods. This tote in particular caught my eye because of the wooden beads used, which is very traditional. I can see this being very cute for summer. 

Kain Tayo by Para Sa'yo | Para Sa'yo ("for you") is a store that specializes in putting themed gift boxes together using Filipino-owned brands and their products. I was particularly interested in the "Kain Tayo" one, which means "let's eat," because it comes with a cookbook and little knick knacks for the kitchen/dining area.

Cherry Floral Print Midi Dress by Monique Lhuillier | Somehow, I only found out that Monique Lhuillier is Filipino when I started putting together my lists for this post! I had no idea! This item is truly a wishlist one because I don't see myself spending this much on an everyday or even special occasion dress but it's beautiful! I normally don't go for red but I love the cut of the dress plus the puffed sleeves and the bow detail.

So that's it for this year's MABUHAY! 
I hope you enjoyed our posts and if you'd like to see what
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