Life Lately | Reunited, at last

It's been over a year since Alexa, DJ, Kristin and I all hung out and I can't say enough how happy it made me feel to be all together again. We started our day by getting breakfast at Claudette, which has become one of my favorite brunch spots in the city because of its awesome food, great service, and A+ outdoor dining situation. After that, we went to two bookstores! We stopped by The Strand and then walked over to the Union Square Barnes & Noble. I've said this before but the simple joys of eating out and book shopping with friends is something I won't ever take for granted. At that point, DJ had to head home but Alexa, Kristin, and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get ice cream. We went to Sundaes & Cones, a spot none of us had been to in a very long time, and wow I forgot how great their ice cream is! We all got two scoops, one being taro and the other Thai iced tea or lychee, in waffle cones and we pretty much devoured them. 

The whole day was just so lovely and I can't wait until our next one in July!

What have you been up to lately? 

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  1. I cannot wait for July- this really was one of the most fun days! I'm so glad we're all able to safely hang out again and explore the city<3


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