January Recap

Let's see. Here's what I did in the month of January: left my job of 8 years, went to L.A. for a semi-impromptu vacation, started the new job which has been making the days pass in a blur because being a newbie is hard (I'd forgotten this!) and yeah, suddenly it's the end of January. What a crazy month it's been. But pretty amazing too. Even though L.A. feels so long ago, I think about my cousin and nephew a lot. And the warm weather. (Oh 80 degree days, how I miss you!) I'm looking forward to seeing what February brings. 
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  1. Nice recap, thanks for sharing. Looks like you enjoyed most of the books you read.

  2. I really need the warmer weather to come RIGHT NOW. Because seriously, this cold is not good for me AT ALL. Hooray for the new job and the trip to LA! And I'm looking forward to the adventures to come in February for you and for me and for us together :)


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