California, Part I

Was I really just in California a week ago? The time I spent there just seemed to fly by and I know everyone hates coming from home from vacation, but I was really sad to leave. I miss my cousin and my nephew and my aunt. And you know, the 80 degree weather in January. (Remind me again, why do I live on the East coast?) 

My vacation was pretty good mix of just hanging out and then braving the LA traffic and tourists to see the sights. But I took a ton of pictures (naturally!) and I want to share them all so I'm going to divide my California posts into three parts. 

(1) I love seeing palm trees everywhere. So much prettier than NJ or NY streets.
(2) My cousin's cat Rorschach who didn't seem to
appreciate me taking pictures of him. (He takes after his owner!)
(3) My first night we went out for all-you-can eat Korean BBQ in Koreatown.
(4) With my adorable nephew Julian. We matched that day.
(5-6) I had to visit at least one of the indie bookstores in LA. The Last Bookstore was this huge store filled with used and new books, vinyl, art exhibits and more. Very cool place.
(7-8) Some of the displays inside The Last Bookstore.
(9) My aunt with Julian. I snuck in this photo when she wasn't looking.
(10) In-N-Out! The burger was really good but I'm still a bit partial to Shake Shack.
(11-12) My cousin and I went to Urth Cafe, just the two of us, 
for some coffee, dessert and good conversation. 
(13-14) Auntie Em's Kitchen. I rarely find Red Velvet cupcakes I like (because I'm a snob like that) but these were really good!

Check back tomorrow for Part II!


  1. Korean BBQ-That sounds cool! And those Red Velvet cupcakes look DELISH.
    And woah that book arc at The Last Bookstore looks awesome! The first pic reminds me of 90210, probably because the only insight I have of California is from that show. ;)

    Julian definitely seems to enjoy the photoshoot better than Rorschach(that is one unimpressed cat)!
    Glad to hear you had a great time, Rachel-Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks like you had an AMAZING time! I'm still kind of jealous you were able to take the trip, but really happy you got to relax, hang out with your family and sightsee too!


with love,