California, Part II

The first couple of days at California were pretty chill. Mostly just going out to eat, being with family and settling in. Which is exactly what I needed. Then we started sight-seeing and I explored a little bit by myself in Old Town, Pasadena while my nephew had a doctor's appointment. It was nice walking around on my own but of course, even better once my cousin met up with me. 

Here are the pictures!

(1) For some reason my nephew kept staring and/or smiling at me all the time. 
I snapped a pic of one of his looks. (This is my wallpaper on my phone).
(2) This is Old Town, Pasadena. Very cute area with lots of shopping and food.
(3) Awesome coffee from Intelligentsia. 
(4) Bird Pick, this cute little tea place. I didn't drink anything
while I was there but I bought some tea to bring home.
(5) A fun, retro candy shop called Rocket Fizz.
(6) Lette's Macarons. I got a box to share with my cousin
and they were pretty good! (Still love Laduree best.)
(7) Strawberry Shortcake cupcake from Dot's. (I know, I eat a lot of sweets!)
(8) Griffith Observatory. The building itself was closed for the day
but we were able to explore the grounds.
(9) View of the Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory.
(10) Monument of James Dean who filmed Rebel Without A Cause at the observatory.
(11) Awesome view of LA and one of my favorite pictures from the trip.
(12) Norton Simon Museum, small (but famous) museum with lots of amazing exhibits.
(13) Apparently chess originated from India! I never knew.
(14)  This painting, Theresa, Countess Kinsky, immediately caught my eye. 
It's so vibrant and detailed!
(15) Mainly, I just liked how colorful it was.
(16) My favorite part of the museum was probably of Asian art.
 It was just so interesting to see the many interpretations of their gods and Buddha. 

(17) My other favorite part of the museum and I almost missed it! Little Dancer by Degas. 
I'm a sucker for anything ballet and this was one of my favorite pieces.

Check back tomorrow for the final round of photos from my trip!

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  1. Your trip to California looks like it was SO. MUCH. FUN! I'm jealous of the warm weather and the amazing eats that you're sharing, but I'm super glad you had a good time!


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