Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (61)

RACHEL • "XO" by Beyoncé
I don't really consider myself a Beyoncé fan but then she'll come out with these songs that are just so freaking catchy! I'll play them over and over (until I get sick of it) and inevitably, she'll come out with another song that I'll have the same reaction to. And basically - "XO" is one of those songs. I hope you find it as catchy as I do - enjoy!

CARINA • "The Scientist" by Coldplay
Freshman year of college was when I met my best friends... and Coldplay. My roommate at the time, who later on became my roommate of 4 years and very good friend, introduced me to them. She played the song "Yellow" one night and for all those who know me pretty well, when I fall in love with a song, it goes on repeat. Incessantly. My songs-that-i-love-go-on-repeat habits have become a source of annoyance to many and unknowingly became my roommate and I's first test of durability. Anyways, we became roommates for four years so I guess she didn't mind it too much. So where am I going with this? Right. My song pick for this week: Coldplay's "The Scientist". I mentioned I played "Yellow" incessantly. Good thing my roommate didn't introduce me to "The Scientist".

Hope you love this song as much as I do but I bet you'll never beat my repeat count.

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  1. Would you believe I still haven't listened to Beyonce's new album yet? This song sounds FANTASTIC, though. I think she's really talented.

    Also, The Scientist is one of my favorites too!

  2. I love the video for Scientist, it's mind melding


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