Hello 2014!

It's 2014! New year, new goals. I always brushed off the whole resolution thing until last year. I guess because I usually was never able to actually keep those resolutions. But you know.. it really does feel great to achieve the things you set out to do in the beginning of the year. So here goes: 
  • Be healthier. Whether it's going to the gym, exercising at home, eating better or a combination of all the above. I should take better care of myself.
  • Continue to move forward and be less complacent. I'm not embarrassed to admit that there are lots of things I've talked about doing but just haven't done. I finally took action or at least baby steps last year and I want to keep that momentum going.
  • I think I'm fairly good at making time for the people in my life but I could do better. I want to do better. 
I also have some bookish hopes as well: 
  • Try to be more creative with my blog. New features, pretty graphics, reaching out to authors I love or more discussion posts. I want to have more fun with my blog (than I already do!).
  • Be a better Twitterer, commenter and overall fellow book blog follower.
  • Read books outside my comfort zone (Note: I must read A Moveable Feast this year.) 

Those are my goals for 2014! What are yours?


  1. I love how pretty your graphics are -- looking forward to seeing new ones in the new year.

    ALSO! Yay health goals -- I recommend blogilates for exercising at home.

    Also also also, love the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone with books - Hemmingway rocks, I can't wait to see what you think of A Moveable Feast!

  2. A lot of those goals are in a way my goal. Walk more. Eat better food. Read more books I own. Don't purchase things just to purchase. Stop worrying about cliques (online and off) and remember that I'm going to be okay.

  3. I think your goals are absolutely perfect, and totally attainable. Here's to more resolutions achieved and fun to be had when book blogging! I definitely look forward to our collaborations for this year :)


with love,