UTNS Farewell Party: Top Ten Aria + Perry Moments

My favorite part of working on this post was probably getting to (somewhat) re-read the Under the Never Sky series. Or rather, I skimmed and skipped to all the Aria and Perry moments. Which I enjoy doing anyway. Being a part of this tour just gave me an excuse to do it again. Aria and Perry are without a doubt one of my favorite YA couples. I tend to love relationships that start off with a bit of bickering, or in this case a Dweller and a Savage butting heads from the moment they meet, and then slowly but surely falling for one another as the tension (and passion) builds. That was most definitely the case here. They are so different and from opposite worlds and yet, the connection between them is undeniable. 

It was tough coming up with my favorite moments between these two but hopefully as you read through my choices, you'll find yourself agreeing or if you haven't read the series yet, this will convince you to pick them up!

Perry teaches Aria how to search for non-poisonous berries. He’s just starting to realize his attraction to her and at the end of his long-winded explanation (and demonstration), she turns to him and basically says, isn't it easier if I just ask you? Which makes him feel silly but embarrassed-Perry is just so sweet.

I can't believe I'm mentioning this but it's important! Perry finally starts to see Aria as more than a mole and she is touched by his kindness. Aria thinks she's dying and he has to tell her it's a normal female thing (awkward!). But he spends hours finding her a coat, boots, and more to help with the journey. And, he finally tells her his name.

Aria and Perry are alone in her room at Marron’s and she asks him two questions. To describe his temper to her and to stay with her for the night so they could miss Talon and her mother together. Even though he’s afraid that he could render to her, he stays.

Aria is blatantly checking Perry out (girl, I don't blame you!) - admiring his Markings and scars and thinking about how she’d like to do more than just touch his arm. Then Perry suddenly looks over at her and she knows he knows exactly what she was thinking.

Perry asks Aria to sing for him and she sings a song from her favorite Italian opera. She sings with abandon and he is just in awe of her. As she describes to him what the lyrics mean (it’s a love song), they slowly they hold hands.

The moment when Perry realizes he’s rendered to Aria. They’re lying in bed together (which surprises him), holding hands and the tension between them is as strong as ever. And just when I think they’re finally going to kiss, Perry leaves when it hits him that he’s rendered to her.

Pretty much all their kisses! Their first kiss was passionate and sweet and at that point, if they didn’t kiss soon I was going to throw a fit. (Just kidding. Maybe.) But I love the "Spontaneous Kiss" moment. Aria keeps trying to surprise Perry with random kisses and it’s the cutest thing ever.
Perry is having a woe-is-me moment and wondering out loud if maybe Roar is better suited for Aria. She tells him “I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you” and Perry goes on to describe how she made him feel weak and strong, thrilled and terrified and wishes she could see how much her words mean to him. (Swoon!)

When Aria and Perry are first reunited in Through the Ever Night. They run into each other's arms - kissing, smiling and mumbling about how much they missed each other. (And let's be honest, I missed them too. I hate waiting between books!)

I'm trying to keep this spoiler-free so even though there are a bunch of moments I'd like to mention from Into The Still Blue, I can't. But I will say this: they have a little getaway in a cave where lots of kissing, mushiness and all sorts of romance ensues. Enough said.

Which was your favorite moment? Do you have one I didn't mention?
(And did I convince you to read these books if you haven't?)

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  1. Omg Rachel you're making me have all the feels!!!! #7 and #10 are my faves plus that scene in ITSB where Perry's with Aria and Talon and they fall asleep- sooo sweet! :')

  2. I LOVED number 4 and 7 the best! And God, the feels all of these give me *fans self* :D


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