November Recap

The bookish highlight of November was hosting the Black Dagger Brotherhood party with Alexa and Kelly and finally seeing what all the fuss was about! (Ladies, Phury and Tohr are mine and yes I am claiming two brothers!) But my other favorite part of November was having three days off from work - five if you include the weekend. I love Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping and getting to relax. I made a lot of time for friends this month too which I really needed. I'm looking forward to what December has to bring!
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  1. I am forever jealous of people that can read like 10 books a month! I used to think I was a relatively fast reader but some of you book bloggers just completely blow me out of the water! Anyway looks like you found some absolute gems this month so I'll definitely need to check some of them out!

  2. I don't mind you claiming two brothers, as long as I always and forever have my darling Wrath. He's still my favorite, and probably always will be! Honestly, November was a slower reading month for me, but I'm glad you had some pretty good reads in yours :)


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