Flip-Flop Drive for Typhoon Haiyan

(Source: Erik de Castro/Reuters)
Victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines on Friday (8 November), causing catastrophic damage. It is the strongest storm ever to make landfall, hitting an area where thousands of people are already homeless after an earthquake in mid-October.

The 300-mile wide typhoon – locally known as Yolanda – has left a trail of destruction with thousands feared dead. The full extent of the damage will become clearer in the next few days as rescue teams reach the more remote areas.

A Fundraiser.
In light of the tragedy and the help they need, my cousin's girlfriend is organizing a FLIP-FLOP DRIVE since that's what's normally worn in the Philippines. She asked me to help spread the word and this is where you - the wonderful blogging community, friends and whoever else stumbles across this blog - comes in.

From now until Nov 29th, we will be collecting flip-flops to be shipped to the Philippines on Nov 30th.

If you didn't realize by now, I'm Filipino and finding a way to help.. even in a small way, is something I really want to do. I can't even begin to imagine the loss these victims are suffering from. It's so heartbreaking. But seeing everyone's efforts to help - from authors I admire to a fellow co-worker encouraging donations - has been amazing. I really hope you'll join me in helping.

How you can contribute.
If you'd like to contribute (and I hope you do!), there are a number of ways you can do so.
  1. Ship the flip-flops to me personally. Email me to work out the details. 
  2. If you're in the NYC area, I'm willing to meet up with you at Port Authority if you'd prefer to hand over your donations face-to-face. Again you can email me to work out the details. 
  3. This is probably the easiest option: Donate money using the button below and I will go out and buy the flip-flops myself (most likely from Old Navy). I will take a picture of all the purchases before shipping so you can see what your donation has bought. 

But honestly, any and all help is appreciated, and if you'd rather contribute to a different organization, here are some links to other fundraising efforts:

Authors for the Philippines (You authors are amazing!)

Whether you choose to donate flip-flops or to any of the above causes, 
It is much-needed and much-appreciated!

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  1. I think what your cousin's girlfriend is doing is AMAZING! It's definitely something practical and that Filipinos could definitely use, particularly at a time like this. Will be happy to help spread the word and donate if I can manage it :)


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