BDB Party: Dream Cast

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Party is an awesome week-long celebration that AlexaKelly & I are hosting to share our love of this series and these vampires with all of you. Expect fun posts from each of us, collaborative posts and mini-reviews from me and Alexa, who are first-time BDB readers! You can also chat with us about the books, the characters and anything BDB-related on Twitter, by using the hashtag #BDBparty.

I don't think I've ever used the phrase "He's so hot!" so many times in one conversation. But when Alexa, Kelly and I were texting our choices and pictures for the brothers - it was a whole lot of drooling and swooning over these actors. And once you see who we've picked, I'm pretty sure you'll understand why. Here's the dream cast we came up with!

Jason Momoa as Wrath. 
This was our first and easiest pick. He just screamed Wrath to us with his long dark hair, his build and he can be a teeny tiny bit scary (which Wrath has to be since he's the king and all!).

Jason Lewis at Rhage. 
He is definitely Hollywood. The full-sized picture featured above was a little too racy to post but if you want a whole lot of sexy - google Jason Lewis and Absolut Vodka. You're welcome.

Chris Hemsworth as Zsadist.
Z was a toughie! Clearly we needed someone hot, a little rough around the edges and could rock both a shaved head and long hair. We all wanted Chris Hemsworth on the list and he seemed like the right guy to play Z.

Jeremy Renner as Butch.
He may not be an original brother but Butch was there from the start and he deserved to be included. Jeremy Renner definitely looks like he can play the tough cop.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Vishous.
It's funny because both Kelly and I had trouble picturing V but as soon as Alexa said JRM - we both saw it. He totally has V's intensity down. 

Chris Hemsworth as Phury.
It needs to be said again - the man is hot. So much so that he gets to appear twice on the list!

Henry Cavill as Tohr.
And finally, Henry Cavill. The short dark hair, awesome body and um, THAT FACE. We knew he could be Tohr.

We had so much fun collaborating on this post together. And if they ever do turn this series into a movie and hired all the men we just mentioned - we'd be the first people on line opening night. Just saying. 

Who's your favorite pick?

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  1. Ummm I totally need to start this series! There are so many hot men in this post that I don't even know what to say. haha.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this...sweating...THESE GUYS ARE ALL SO HOT IT'S ALMOST PAINFUL TO LOOK AT!

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    1. He is perfect for Tohr (I used to imagine Sam Worthington as Tohrment, but Henry is PERFECT)

  4. This post just makes me smile a whole lot! These boys are so incredibly HOT and they're the perfect dream cast for the amazing Black Dagger Brotherhood. I'm still definitely behind all of our choices -- especially JRM, who is PERFECT for V.

  5. Oh god, Jeremy Renner is the perfect Butch! And I havve to agree, as difficult as it is picturing Vishous, JRM is definitely him. I'm wondering who would play a perfect Xhex...

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    2. My dream Xhex is Michelle Rodriguez. She's tough and badass like Xhex, and I've seen montages of her with short hair (like Xhex). Just a sugestion.

      Other options could be Milla Jovovich or Gina Carano.

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    Jason Momoa as Wrath (just like I imagined), Jessie Pavelka could be a good Rhage, I used to imagine Sam Worthington as Tohr but I agree with your choice, Henry Cavill is perfect. David Gandy as Vishous, David Boreanaz as Butch, Marco da Silva as Rehvenge & Alex O'Loughlin as Manny.

    The twins are always the hardest to find a good actor for play both, I chose Travis Fimmel for them. But Chris Hemsworth would be an amazing choice too.

    SUGEST FOR QHUINN & BLAY. QHUINN - Tyler Hoechlin / BLAY - Taylor Kitsch

    Your cast is one of the best, if not the best cast I've seen of BDB

  8. My dream cast for BDB looks like this:
    Wrath - Jason Momoa
    Rhage - Jessie Pavelka
    V - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Z - Wentworth Miller
    Phury - Christopher Mason
    Butch - Mark Wahlberg
    Tohr - Henry Cavill
    John - Kit Harington
    Rehv - Marco da Silva
    and I am still thinking about who could be chosen to play Manny :D

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