Mini-Reviews: Black Dagger Brotherhood (Books 4-6)

Since there are 11 books in the series so far (with a 12th being published in March 2014) and I'm somewhat binge-reading them all, I thought it would be easiest to group the books and do mini-reviews. To see my reviews of Books 1-3, click here.
Here are the basics ...
The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
Publisher: Signet
Category: Adult - Paranormal Romance
Source: Purchased

Summary: Six Warrior Vampires. Lovers, Fighters, Brothers. Lethal, not Evil, they're coming for you.
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My thoughts…
Lover Revealed (#4) | pub. March 6, 2007 | add to GoodReads 
Butch is a (human) ex-homicide cop introduced in Dark Lover who quickly became included in the brotherhood’s circle as a friend, drinking buddy and even roommate. And the brotherhood never allows humans into their circle (maybe just their beds - but I digress). Still Butch feels like he’s on the outside as there’s only so much he can do to help them. But then tragedy and a startling discovery brings him right in the center of the brotherhood circle and their war.

I was surprised at first that Butch was being featured since he technically wasn’t a brother but I thought it was a nice change of pace. Not to mention, a nice change in perspective. Butch is a likable guy and I can’t imagine what it would be like to suddenly have a group of vampires as your best friends. Strange probably doesn’t even begin to cover it. Plus there’s his whole being in love with Marissa, a beautiful aristocratic vampire who fears she will never know desire or love. I admit, of the relationships, I felt the least invested in theirs and it had to do with Marissa. It takes a while for her feistier and confident side to come out and she spends a good portion of the book doubting herself and every possible thing you can think of. It started to grate on my nerves a bit. But on the other hand, we get a deeper, more interesting look into the vampire mythology which I thought was much-needed.


Lover Unbound (#5) | pub. Sept 25, 2007 | add to GoodReads 
Oh V, I had no idea your story would be so tragic or heartbreaking or passionate. Even though I knew he could be ruthless (not to mention the rumors of his dominant lifestyle), he seemed like one of the more "calmer" brothers for lack of a better word. But Lover Unbound turned my impression of him upside down and that was a good thing. We got to see the past that shaped him into who he is, his intelligence, his ability to see the future and cursed hand and the depth of his feelings when he cares for someone. Or in this case two particular someones - Butch and Dr. Jane Whitcomb.

I love Butch and V’s bromance. None of the brothers really have a best friend and mostly focus on their shellan. And that’s not a complaint! Merely an observation. But it’s nice to have a friendship like theirs featured from time to time. Then the V and Dr. Jane romance was another great change of pace. I think V is the only brother who has mentioned being super turned on by intelligence which earns him a lot of points in my mind. Dr. Jane is this incredibly intelligent, straight-forward, confident doctor who doesn’t take crap from anyone. In other words, V’s perfect match. My only quibble about this book was the ending. About 90% of the way, the author takes the V and Dr. Jane relationship in a crazy direction. And I give her major props for uniqueness but I personally didn’t love it. It’s a little too supernatural for me.


Lover Enshrined (#6)  | pub. June 3, 2008 | add to GoodReads 
Let’s see. First, Phury spent his young life neglected by his parents, dealt with the guilt of not being the kidnapped twin, searched for said twin Zsadist, only to shoot off part of his own leg while finally rescuing him. Then he had to keep Z in check (difficult doesn’t even begin to cover it) and fell in love with Bella, Z’s shellan. Cut to the present and Phury is now the Primale, a sacrifice he made to save Vishous from the task. His duty is to impregnate the Chosen female vampires to ensure the continuation of the Brotherhood. Did I also mention he’s battling a drug addiction? Yeah, poor Phury has it rough. He thinks so little of himself and yet he’s the first person to help a fellow brother in need. Granted he takes it too far (like his vow of celibacy and then agreeing to be Primale) but his actions come from the heart. It’s his combination of strength, deep seeded hurt and goodness that made me interested in his story since reading Z’s.

The Chosen are a group of female vampires who live solely to serve the Primale and the Brothers. Serving their blood or in their beds. They function as a whole and aren’t allowed to be individuals. They can’t do anything but wait in the hopes that a Brother will call on them and maybe get them pregnant. Cormia has been designated as the Primale’s First Mate and she is the least-suited woman for the role. Which naturally, made me love her. In her heart, body and soul, she refuses to follow the rules. She lets herself want and dream and desire even when everyone else says she shouldn’t. The relationship between her and Phury was slow burning and tension-filled but so worth the wait. I enjoyed watching them spend time together and challenge each other along the way.


Overall: I'm definitely enjoying this series and learning about the brothers on an individual basis. The romance continues to be the highlight of each book, with their enemies not quite capturing my attention. I do hope we get to revisit the original brothers and their relationships again at some point.

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  1. Ah, these vampires! My favorite of this trio is definitely V's book, because I adored Jane. I loved learning more about the Brotherhood, the vampires and even the society that they're in.


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