Rules for Good Boots

One of my favorite things about Fall is getting to wear boots again. As soon as September hits, it's time to either bring mine out of storage or.. go shopping for new ones. When I was trying to come up with an idea for today's post, Estelle suggested I write about my rules for buying boots since I was telling her about the good luck I had at DSW recently. So, here's what I look for: 

  1. I can comfortably zip them up over my calves. Actually, if I can just get them over my calves period, that alone is a huge plus. So when I checked out DSW and multiple pairs fit me well - I was very happy! If you have this problem too, go to DSW.
  2. Wearable with almost everything in my closet. Whether it's with a dress and leggings or a pair of jeans, I should be able to wear them. This is why I tend to go for colors like cognac (my fave!) or black (always practical).
  3. Invest in a good pair of riding boots. I don't mind spending a little more on riding boots because well, I love how they look and I know I'll get my money's worth since I wear them every other day. I practically live in them during fall/winter/spring which is why I completely wore out my last pair.
  4. Some heels can be comfortable. Considering I'm barely 5 feet tall, you'd think I'd be all about the heels. Wrong! I love my flats. But this year I wanted booties with a heel. The pair pictured above are perfect. Not too high, full supported heel, comfortable. The best part? I was able to wear them around the city without falling on my face or breaking my ankles. Win!
  5. Don't underestimate a good pair of Uggs. I'm just saying. Some days I just want to throw on something quickly. A pair of these along with a worn in hoodie = a very warm and comfortable me. 
What do you look for in boots? 
And what's your favorite pair?

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  1. I LOVE boots! Right now, it's all about booties for me - because I'm tall, I don't like too much of a heel, but I still need a little summn summn.

  2. I agree with these! It's starting to get so cold now and my feet are getting cold. I can't walk in heels and I'm already 5'8" so I try to avoid them. I dislike Uggs but I have a pair for when it gets cold. I have to stay warm somehow, hahaha. They're really good for days when I'm feeling lazy.

  3. I adore this post! I love shopping for boots, though I don't get the chance to do it very often. I own at least 3 pairs of black boots - in all different cuts and heights - but no brown ones, except for my cowboy boots. Looks like something that I need to remedy, since I do like the idea of brown boots. Great post Rach!


with love,