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I already talked about what life has been like lately but I just have to say that I can't believe June will be starting in two days! I'm always excited for June because it means the start of summer, lots of family birthday parties and my own birthday too, of course. But it feels different now with everything going on because I know it won't be quite the same. I'm still excited, just cautiously optimistic to move forward and see what happens in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Pillow Thoughts (Pillow Thoughts #1) by Courtney Peppernell - 2 stars
    I'm always on the hunt for new poetry collections and this one came highly recommended by unfortunately, it just missed the mark for me. 
  • The Shattered Court (The Four Arts, #1) by M.J. Scott 4 stars
    This is my third time reading this book! The wait between each installment tends to be long so I end up needing to re-read but I actually don't mind. They're super quick and if you enjoy fantasy romances, this is for you. 
  • The Forbidden Heir (The Four Arts, #2) by M.J. Scott 4 stars
    This would be my second re-read and again, consistently entertaining. The world and its magic definitely gets bigger in this one and leaves you wanting more (in a good way!). 
  • The Unbound Queen (The Four Arts #3) by M.J. Scott - 4 stars
    I waited 3 years to finally read this book and it was a solid, satisfying conclusion! I'll admit, I was hoping it would be a bit more explosive but it was still a fitting end for all the characters.
  • Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed - 4 stars
    I read this book for my Reading Women 2020 Challenge and wow. The writing is really simple and I was a little thrown by how fast the story moved (like a 5 page chapter covered a month) but the core of the what the main character was going through really hit me. I was glued to the pages and had to put it down at times because I was scared of what was happening to her. A day later and I'm still thinking about it. 

How's your month been?

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  1. Written in the Stars is one heck of a read! I also found it hard to put down, but constantly had to since it felt very stressful and harrowing.


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