Re-evaluating my 2020 Goals

I'm still not over the fact that it's May and that we're fast-approaching summer and the middle of the year already! It got me thinking about the goals I set back in January and how I came up with them not knowing that we'd be caught in a global pandemic. After nearly three months of being on lockdown, I think the only thing that's obvious is life won't be normal for a while. Which made me realize that I should look at my 2020 goals and plans again and probably evaluate or at the very least, make a couple changes. It's all about adapting and trying to make the best of it!

Original goal: Travel more. 
Clearly, this is not going to happen this year! And even if by some miracle, things got normal by October, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable getting on a plane right away. I'm just so glad I was able to go to L.A. right before all this happened to visit my family. Once I feel safe traveling, my first trip will be going out to LA to see them again (my niece and nephew have been asking!), followed by making travel plans with my best friend Carina and hopefully another solo trip to London.
New goal: If traveling is deemed safe and doable by December, book a flight to LA for 2021. 

Original goal: Read 120 books.
My reading goals will continue as planned! I'm actually already halfway through this goal which makes me happy because I love when GoodReads tells me I'm ahead.
No new goal needed.

Original goal: Journal every day. 
I have shockingly kept up with this! The idea here was to pick a platform (sorry friends but the account is private) and share one honest thing from my day, every single day for the entire year. In the beginning, it was exactly what I thought it was going to be and a fun challenge. Then we had to quarantine and I was like, ugh this is a terrible time to journal like this. But soon after I changed my mind and realized it's kind of a perfect time because I'm documenting this crazy (hopefully once-in-a-lifetime) moment in all our lives.
No new goal needed.

Original goal: Become more knowledgeable about finances. 
Technically, I did work on this goal already. I did a bunch of research online about IRAs, different ways to save, and investing. I wanted to add to my financial portfolio since I've always been very traditional and risk-averse in my approach to saving (401K and savings account only). So I did the research and was ready to take some action in March after talking to my accountant. Then yeah, COVID19 happened and stock/401Ks/investments went down and so I'm going to put off making changes until things are more stable.
★ New goal: Take advantage of being at home to save more than I usually do. 

Original goal: Pick up a new hobby. 
I can definitely still do this and my plan was to learn how to crochet. I have all the supplies and I was starting to learn back in January but it's completely fallen off my radar. I'm going to try again soon!
No new goal needed.

Original goal: Get focused on my health again. 
This has always been a tough one. It's weird but being at home has both helped and not helped with this. On one hand, I'm been taking my vitamins every day and cooking all my meals now means I'm eating better in a lot of ways. Plus I actually exercise! I do dance workouts through Instagram Live 2-3 times per week and I also go on three-mile walks a few times too, as long as the weather permits. I never felt like I had the time to workout before and now I do! But being home means I'm snacking more, still not moving as much as I used to despite working out (I miss walking around the city!), and my stress over the current situation has affected my sleep and eating (see: more snacking). I'm still trying to find my balance but I like to think I'm getting there.
No new goal needed.

Have you looked at your goals since New Year's? 


  1. Nice recap! It's super helpful to look back - I'm honestly so bad at that, I can't even remember the majority of goals I had set in January. I hope the month May continues to be lovely for you!

  2. I think it was smart of you to reevaluate your 2020 goals, especially considering none of us planned for a pandemic (and the other situations that arose) last year!


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