What I'm Listening To | May

My most listened to songs this month are: 

1. Minute to Myself - Tori Kelly
Tori Kelly has been doing #QuaranTEAwithTori" on Instagram where she'll take song requests and perform them on IG live and will usually have a guest too. James Bay was one of her guests (!) and I was surprised when they performed a song he had written for her album called Minute to Myself. I've been so hooked on it! It's such a James song but her voice sounds phenomenal on it.  

2. Church - Samn Henshaw ft. EARTHGANG
This song just makes me want to get up and dance! I love the clapping in the background and the whole vibe. Whenever I go for walks, I put this on blast. 

3. Bluebird - Miranda Lambert
Even though the melody may seem melancholy, the lyrics themselves are so up-lifting. It's all about looking forward, making the best of a situation and believing in yourself. 

4. Boyfriend - Selena Gomez
I mean, the minute I heard the lyrics "I want a boyfriend / Tell me, are there any good ones left?" she had my attention! 

5. pass you by - Alaina Castilla
The Spanish version of this song came out first and I was obsessed with it! Then a couple weeks later the English one came out and every time I play it (which is a lot), I can't help singing along. It's such a beautiful song. 

Listen here!

What are some of your favorite songs this month?

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  1. Minute to Myself is SO good. And that IG Live she did where James was a guest was delightful!


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